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Increase brand loyalty and achieve greater marketing ROI by integrating data from across all of your engagement channels to create a unified consumer view—the gold standard for consumer information management.

Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) empowers CPG brands to overcome industry-specific challenges and improve operational efficiency, real-time innovation, and customer experience at scale.

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Fast Video Power-Up for CPGs

This video series is designed to help CPG companies understand customer behavior at scale, improve customer experience with your products, and gain the crucial data and insights every CPG brand needs for better marketing results. Experts chat about the latest news and industry trends, and read between the lines to provide perspective and insights, including how customer data fits into digital transformation initiatives, and learn how to develop and integrate data sources for product, marketing, and brand loyalty success.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev Securely Manages Cross-Channel Personalization

“At AB InBev, we take a global approach to direct-to-consumer marketing and need to ensure that we are not duplicating marketing efforts across our many brands. The Treasure Data CDP has enabled us to securely unify our customer data and build complete profiles.”


Lucas Borges
Senior Manager, Consumer Data Strategy at AB InBev

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Shiseido Leverages Years of Customer Data to Deepen Loyalty

In addition to reaching its goal of creating personalized customer experiences at scale, Shiseido increased revenue and growth. Modeling customer preferences drove a 20% in-store revenue increase per loyalty program member over the course of a year, an 11% revenue increase, and 38% growth in net income year-over-year.


In-store revenue increase per loyalty program member


Overall company revenue increase


Growth in net income YOY

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Transform Your CPG Brand with Treasure Data

Turning brands into trusted household names is no longer enough for CPG companies to win consumer engagement. Changes in demand drivers, rapidly evolving buying journeys, and a variety of new entrants, new distribution models, and new digital channels have all conspired to throw the CPG industry off balance.

The right customer data platform (CDP) is critical to reach buyers and outpace your competition. With real-time data acquisition and enterprise-grade scale, Treasure Data CDP creates a single source of truth—eliminating silos and resolving data complexity to help you better model, target, and personalize consumer engagement.

Find out what makes Treasure Data unique.

Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform for CPG Brands

Achieve hyper-personalization.

Engage existing consumers and acquire new ones by delivering exceptionally relevant experiences, based on real-time analytics, across all touchpoints more effectively.

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Increase customer loyalty.

Build trust and loyalty by combining personalisation with intelligent activation so consumers receive the right message at the right time.

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Improve marketing ROI.

Drive more efficient spend and increased ROI through unification of consumer records and removal of duplicate profiles.

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