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CDP Helps Trifecta Feed Growth

How a CDP & Real-time Analytics Help Customer Contact Center Pros Keep Clients On Track

How do you “hack America into healthy eating,” and grow profits at the same time? Greg Connolly, Trifecta’s CEO, wants his company to be the premier prepared-nutritious-meal business, and he knows that data-driven personalization on a mass scale is the way to do it.

He decided to take a cue from multinational food-and-beverage companies such as AB InBev that use sophisticated Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology and attribution models to develop direct-to-consumer (DTC) capabilities and understand customer behavior.

See how Connolly’s insight turned out to be a crucial, growth-driving decision for the young CPG company.

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“Having Treasure Data CDP and access to real-time data is incredibly important to us—as it is to all DTC brands. We can now connect with the end consumer on a much deeper level than retailers.”


Greg Connolly
CEO, Trifecta Nutrition



previously siloed systems connected to build a unified customer data foundation


Duplicate profiles eliminated by profile unification


Blog posts analyzed using smart attribution algorithms for their impact on purchase path

The Challenge

Technology and data are so central to 6-year-old Trifecta Nutrition’s business that CEO Greg Connolly says that at its heart, the Sacramento, Calif.-based company is not just a DTC meal delivery service—it’s an app company, too. Because its app and website collect so much data about customers’ moods, preferences, and habits, the company is awash in customer data that describes everything from daily exercise logs to full eating, mood, and browsing histories.

But the process of gathering marketing data from many martech silos was time-consuming and often resulted in confusion and errors when analytics generated from one system were wildly at odds with those created by another, usually because of differences in data collection and the nuances of exactly what each system was counting.

“Two marketers at Trifecta should never have to have an argument about who our customers are,” said Kyle Pate, senior product analyst at Trifecta. And yet, that was a regular occurrence.

It was clear what the company needed: A single source of truth, presented clearly and updated constantly and automatically, to help improve results and track the company’s most important metrics.

“A lot of times in my career, I’ve thought that a solution was good, but then we’d run into limitations we hadn’t anticipated. With Treasure Data, it was the exact opposite: The capabilities we are able to use are so much more than we thought at first.”


Tessa Bicard
VP of Marketing, Trifecta Nutrition

The Solution

Data unification was swift, and more than 50,000 duplicate profiles were detected and consolidated with complete unified profiles. Trifecta was able to use the resulting single customer views (SCVs) to build profiles of individuals who represented different types of customers. The result? The company’s leaders got a much more accurate view of who its best customers were, and there were some notable surprises.

Treasure Data also worked with Trifecta to feed current information into dashboards that were updated hourly or even more frequently with the marketing metrics that matter most to Trifecta.

Eventually, more than 77% of the company’s real-time metrics were coming from Treasure Data CDP, and Trifecta was able to replace Google Analytics.

Data unification was fast and gave a much more accurate, current view of key target personas.

Frequently updated dashboards now show everyone Trifecta’s performance on KPIs.

Analytics and personalized suggestions help meal and fitness consultants cut churn & keep customers happy.

“Treasure Data CDP is now our playground to understand our customers and do things like better targeting and segmentation,
and predictive analytics. It’s also our single source of truth for the whole company, which is just what we needed.”


Tessa Bicard
Trifecta Nutrition

“Having lots of high-quality data is incredibly valuable to direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands—and there’s a rising tide of those, right now—from Warby Parker to Trifecta. We’re all using extremely fine-grained data now as a central piece of our business models.”


Greg Connolly
CEO, Trifecta Nutrition

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