Subaru puts data in the driver’s seat

Audience segments based on behavioral data demonstrate results in omni-channel marketing.

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increase in ad click-through-rates


faster time-to-value than using in-house IT


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Subaru Case Study


Subaru – one of the world’s most recognized auto brands – built a high-performance enterprise CDP to turn tire-kicking customers into buyers. Dealerships use the platform as a smart messaging tool – achieving amazing conversion rates. Subaru segmented audiences based on customer journey stages and targeted those audience segments most likely to buy.


Subaru wanted to accurately know the customer’s readiness to purchase a new model. But because of a disjointed view of the customer journey that spanned dealerships, the MySubaru loyalty app, maintenance facilities, website, advertising, marketing tools and social media, Subaru relied on gut-feel and limited data sets to form their marketing and advertising strategy. In order to optimize their marketing ROI, they needed to accurately understand the customer buying journey and distribute messaging based on behavioral data.

To personalize the customer experience, Subaru set out to gather all their first-party customer data and merge it with their third-party data. Unfortunately, many of the tools and data sources did not easily integrate. And it didn’t help that most of the first-party data was either hidden or scattered among various corporate departments. To further complicate matters, each vehicle model had its own advertising data, managed by separate agencies.


Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP provided Subaru with an easy, plug-and-play solution that integrated all their disparate data sources. Their multiple advertising agencies, each managed by a different product team, could share necessary information and still work independently.

Subaru started thinking about people, not devices. Buyers just starting to consider purchasing a vehicle were very different in character than those who had almost decided to purchase. They created behavior-based audience segments to personalize communications for different segments to drive growth, retention and monetization. With unified data, Subaru experienced improved performance rates, better collaboration and communication between marketing and sales teams, and enhanced ability of their sales staff to engage with in-store prospects.

Onboarding Treasure Data took only a few weeks. With the speed and ease of deployment and the lack of technical troubles, Subaru estimated an 80% faster time-to-value with Treasure Data than using in-house IT.


By delivering relevant information at the right time to the right audience, Subaru transformed the customer experience and was able to:

Achieve a 350% boost in new ad campaign performance by feeding targeted content to segmented customers

Optimize ads based on better understanding of customer demographic and behavior data

Increase dealership sales using online data for offline lead scoring

“By unifying our customer data, the possibilities to improve the customer experience are endless.”

Atsushi Yasumuro, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing

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