The enterprise Customer Data Platform

Treasure Data enterprise CDP gives you a single, actionable view of your customer for the very first time. It empowers you to responsibly bring in any data source, at any scale so you can know your customer, engage with them on their terms and measure what counts.

“Give me what I need when I need it and I’ll be a loyal fan. Don’t waste my time inundating me with things that aren’t relevant.”

-Today's Buyer

Treasure Data enterprise CDP brings together various data across different channels for a single, actionable view of your customer or prospect. It empowers you to gain valuable insights in order to engage in meaningful ways along the entire customer journey, grow the bottom – line and measure your success.

Surprise and delight your customers with personalized experiences that turn them into loyal fans.

Designed to handle the complexities of global organizations, Treasure Data enterprise CDP is an enterprise – grade platform that is flexible, customizable, scalable and secure.

How It Works

Customer Profile Unification

When you combine first -, second – and third – party data, including historical data and online activities across multiple channels, customers can get lost or duplicated. Treasure Data connects the dots between these data records as they occur for a singular, complete and up – to – date view of any customer.

Use Treasure Data’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP) to unify data from different sources and reduce the need for data cleaning and preparation. Combine behavioral and customer attribute data in a single system, including PoS, IoT, web, SaaS, mobile and offline – in batch and streaming – for omni – channel marketing.

Because of our innovative architecture used to ingest structured and semi – structured data, Treasure Data business rules can be created to pull from the schema – on – read data and send to most any system, allowing automated, personalized marketing for an exceptional customer experience.

Maintain a 360° customer view in real-time to enable sophisticated marketing strategies.
Never deal with schema management or database scaling challenges again.
Deliver relevant and personalized marketing campaigns without custom engineering.
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Segmentation and Activation

Data and analysis are useful only when put into action in a timely fashion. With Treasure Data enterprise CDP, you can easily define new segments and create personalized marketing campaigns that customers actually value and engage with.

Build segments like “Customers most likely to churn” or “Customers who visited a store within the last 3 months” to provide relevant, personalized offers and improve customer retention and acquisition rates.

Model unique and complex customer segments with automated updates for greater campaign effectiveness and without manual intervention.

Examples of Use Cases for Real - time Segmentation

Reduce cart, search and browse abandonment

Automated mobile push notifications & SMS

Upsell and cross – sell

Optimize personalized and trending content by customer segments

Target customers based on behavior

Understand Brand Affiliates

Target more precisely with fine - grained, dynamic profile segmentation.
Identify your top customers and provide them with personalized offers.
Execute on personalized, omni - channel engagement in real - time.
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Create reports and dashboards to provide at – a – glance data visualizations of current KPI results and performance. Give team members and executives a quick overview of relevant metrics in real – time.

Treasure Reporting is powered by Slemma with an optimized and tight integration with Treasure Data enterprise CDP. It is ideal for small to mid – sized businesses. Treasure Data also offers options for companies with more complex reporting needs.

Build reports from scratch or edit pre - built templates.
Simple chart designer makes it easy for everyone to visualize their metrics.
Collaborate on and share dashboards with team members and clients.
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Artificial Intelligence-powered Marketing Applications

Once you’ve unified your data and defined a customer segment, the possibilities are endless – predict customer churn, find out which prospects are more likely to buy from you or offer personalized recommendations.

Treasure Machine Learning (ML) allows you to apply a predictive scoring model to a customer segment in order to assess current behaviors and predict future behaviors. It is based on Apache Hivemall, a scalable machine learning library that runs on Apache Hive.

Use Treasure Machine Learning to look at hundreds of factors about an individual’s behavior and make intelligent predictions in a scalable, automated way that improves customer engagement and loyalty.

Overview: How Predictive Customer Scoring Works

Apply ML to historical data to make personalized recommendations.
Identify your brand advocates at scale.
Predict probability of churn and proactively reach out to those “likely to churn.”