Customer Data is Something to Treasure

The Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform simplifies data management. We’re here to help you harness and analyze the information you need to create a data - driven enterprise.

Find out more about our company as we join Arm in architecting a secure and connected world.

Learn about how we are moving forward as Treasure Data

Data is changing the corporate landscape

The world is moving faster than ever, and the amount of data available from our enterprise systems and the products we sell is growing at an exponential pace. In this new economy, only data – driven organizations will thrive.

Treasure Data makes the products that empower your organization to break down data silos, learn faster, and make data a differentiator for your business.

Technology is a means to an end

Innovative technology is what allows us to deliver value to our customers. We strive to build products that create value every day for the people who use them.

Tackle the difficult - Treasure Data

Tackle the difficult tasks so that our customers don’t have to

We strive to solve the hard data infrastructure problems so our customers can focus on making their data useful. We take pride in building and maintaining one of the most reliable managed software services in the cloud.

Strategic commitment in open source

We believe in the power of open source. We share our experiences and learn from others. Our team has a combined half - century of open source experience. We actively encourage our employees to participate in open source communities - and routinely open source our own most useful internal tools.