Customer Experience is The Driver of Today’s Buying Trends

You know you want to personalize the retail experience to maximize customer lifetime value… but how do you bridge the gap between online experiences and in-store engagements? Without a unified view of your customers, you’re flying blind.

With the explosion of data available to retailers, having a CDP solution that ingests, analyzes, and helps predict customer preferences is crucial to success.

The New Playbook For Data-driven Retail
The Customer Data Platform for Retailers

The Customer Data Platform for Retailers

Data is the linchpin to providing your customers with the personalized experiences they demand. But with numerous channels and touchpoints bringing in vast amounts of information along the customer journey, you need a strategy for centralizing data collection and storage. 

Treasure Data enterprise CDP gives retailers the ability to import data from multiple sources, then unify it to create a 360-degree view of each customer. You can fine-tune market segments and engage clients with the next best action determined by artificial intelligence (AI) and flexible machine learning (ML) models. Most importantly, this is all done with a simple graphical user interface (GUI), so anyone in the organization can use it.

Retail’s Digital Transformation is NOT Over!

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Gain foresight and hindsight

Gain Advanced Insights

Get answers to critical questions that determine marketing decisions and investments. Our platform easily ingests data from online and offline sources, dramatically reducing the need for data prep. Flexible reporting and analytics capabilities provide retailers with real-time campaign effectiveness metrics.

Gain foresight and hindsight
Personalized Experiences with Segmentation

Personalized Experiences with Segmentation

Go beyond standard segmentation capabilities to discover your best customers and reach them more effectively. Retailers can create their own ML models with our simple GUI, incorporating personalized components. Reach each customer on the right channel, at the right time, with the product recommendations chosen specifically for them—resulting in maximized customer lifetime value (CLV).

Customer Journey Orchestration

Customer Journey Orchestration

By uniting all teams and systems around one source of truth, retailers can improve marketing efficacy. Engage buyers throughout their entire path-to-purchase by delivering tailored shopper experiences based on data insights. Ensure messaging remains consistent and relevant at each stage of the customer journey, with impactful omnichannel engagement.

Customer Journey Orchestration

Treasure Data enterprise CDP captures data from all points of the customer journey.

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The Next Stage of Retail’s Digital Transformation

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