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    Connect Your Data,
    Teams, and Ideas

    Profound insights come from multiple data sources and diverse viewpoints. Treasure Data’s cloud service comes with 100+ integrations to help teams collect more data and collaborate better.

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    Start Asking
    Better Questions

    Most analytics tools limit your exploration with predetermined questions. With Treasure Data, you decide your journey. Empower yourself with full SQL access to raw data without the usual repetitive and error-prone effort.

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    Automate Your Workflow,
    Be Less Busy

    Turn your ad hoc analysis into daily reports and KPIs with just a few clicks. Then integrate these insights into your existing systems and save some time. We're that data engineering sidekick you wish you always had.

Product Analytics

Our SDKs, client libraries, and API empower deep and granular understanding of your customer across devices and products.

  1. Perform A/B tests with full control over parameters
  2. Segment based on multiple data sources
  3. Conduct behavior-centric user analysis with SQL
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Business Analytics

Our vast library of data connectors allow you to bring data directly into business analytics tools like Salesforce for actionable insights.

  1. Deliver customer success by exporting product and operations data into Salesforce
  2. Tackle churn prevention with machine learning
  3. Improve effectiveness of user acquisition by leveraging product and ad spend data
Business analytics

Marketing Analytics

Our integrations enable you to leverage your 1st party data. Graduate from inaccurate user segmentation to speaking directly with your customers, at scale.

  1. Build a private Data Management Platform (DMP) for sustainable advantage over customer acquisition and retention
  2. Personalize email campaigns beyond demographics
  3. Analyze end-to-end customer journeys for campaign attribution and customer lifetime value
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“The entire integration took less than 2 hours. I know this number because I did it myself.“
Danny Zhang, Co-Founder
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“Treasure Data changed the way we do analytics quite a bit.“
Dan Harrison, CTO
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“Treasure Data is our big data infrastructure as a service.“
Lukas Silwka, CTO
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