Collect data from any source.

Event data comes from many different places, and collecting it with custom scripts for each platform is exhausting. Our suite of SDKs makes it easy with simple cut-and-paste integrations. We also provide command line tools to easily load bulk historical data from any source.



Flexible and loss-free.

Our hosted data-lake automatically conforms to your data, adding columns to match new events as they come in. This eliminates data loss due to schema mismatches, and lets you ingest several real-world data sources into the same table with no custom preprocessing.


Schemaless Storage

Simplified schema management.

Schema change is a frequent, painful reality for modern analytics projects. But it doesn’t have to bring your pipeline to its knees. By storing your data in raw, schemaless form, you can easily export it to any new schemas you need without complex transformations.



Customize your analytics

Our web-console lets you interact with your raw data using the same SQL statements as legacy databases. You can run real-time queries in Presto, schedule batch jobs in HiveQL, and write custom workflows in Pig. Go beyond simple dashboards with direct access to your data.


Data Export

Export anywhere,

Treasure Data helps you export data to a variety of destinations with a single click. You can schedule automatic pushes to Postgres data marts, Amazon Redshift or S3, CRM tools, and even Google sheets – all with set it and forget it simplicity.

Data Export

BI Tool Connectivity

the results

We provide plug-and-play integrations with some of the most popular Business Intelligence and data visualization tools on the web. Enjoy one-click push to Looker or Tableau for beautiful charts and dashboards, or export to advanced BI tools for even heavier analytics.

Visualize the Results

What our customers are saying

“In the early stages of data analysis, running many queries to understand data is important. Treasure Data has been great for that. The only tool that provided the flexibility we needed.”

Susan Holcomb Head of Data Science

“The partnership with Treasure Data was really about the scale...Treasure Data became involved over the past year as we expanded considerably the number of vehicles we have out there collecting this data, and Treasure Data was important as we increased the market size from five or six years with tens of thousands of vehicles to now millions of data points.”

Ted Cardenas VP of Marketing, Car Electronics Division

“Our engineers no longer worry about maintaining analytics infrastructure... Instead, they focus on how to use the logged data to make our products better.”

Danny Zhang Co-Founder