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Know Every Customer, Personalize Every Touch

Create a complete view of every buyer for customer knowledge that is leveraged across the enterprise.

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Uncover the “Why” in every customer interaction

Tap previously unattainable levels of customer detail with Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform. Build customer views that are unique to your business by harnessing data only you can access. Every web page visited, ad clicked and product purchased is kept together under one unified identifier (TD ID) for immediate access as the engagement happens. Gain real-time, actionable insights on buyers that not only provide the what and who, but also help you understand why they play, interact, purchase, convert, leave and more.

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Build a complete view of your customers

Understanding your customers and prospects deeply requires a lot of data. No two buyers are alike, and neither is their path to loyalty. The more you understand about their direct interactions with you, your partners and with their peers, the more prepared you are to engage them in the moments that matter. Here is how Treasure Data helps you be prepared with the right customer data at the right time.

Build a complete view of your customers with Treasure Data

Data Pipeline Management Key Features

Get to the information you need, fast with schemaless data storage that allows for new customer information to be added at any time

Built-in dashboards for data processing administration keeps data pipelines flowing – no interruptions in critical customer data

Organize and share any or all customer data across the enterprise for analysis or reporting with Data Tanks

Treasure Workflow empowers your current IT team with secure data pipeline management for the right customer data at the lowest cost

Advanced Treasure Workflow Features

  • Granular access permissions by project meets enterprise security standards.
  • Manage and automate data processes from input and processing to output with streamlined methods that save time
  • Create workflow templates for reuse and collaboration to stay productive
  • Set-up notifications on status of workflows to ensure correct and complete data processing
  • Support complex data workflows and simplify them for teammates with task grouping and parallel execution
  • Most widely-adopted query engine options for processing both bulk and streaming data
  • Full toolset for job scheduling–no need for expensive add-on applications
  • Support for incremental data imports increases efficiency of data processing
  • Resource pools helps keep critical data processes running
Advanced Treasure Data Workflow Features
Advanced Treasure Data Workflow Features

Unify customer data to understand customer behavior

Understanding why customer buy, why they don’t engage or go with a competitor is a process of discovery and is unique for every division in a company. You have to know who took action where and how often to understand intent and context. For example, you need to know which customer purchased $100 or more in one visit, if that same person also enrolled for loyalty points and which customer did nothing in the last sixty days. Unlike traditional CDP’s, Treasure Data allows you to understand it all without data tradeoffs–what you can keep and for how long. With Treasure Data, all customer attributes and event-level detail is captured and can be unified for your unique understanding of every buyer through our Identity Services.

Identity Resolution Benefits & Features

Purpose-built tool for business and marketing analysts keeps customer profiles relevant for customer-facing organizations

Utilize all data tables in Treasure Data, including Data Tanks to manage, unify, consolidate, organize and link customer data

Create specific models for both customer attributes and behaviors from your own data and enrich it with 2nd- and 3rd-party data providers for a more accurate customer profile

Use purpose-built Treasure Data tables to automate unification workflow, for customer profiles that stay up to date with little effort

Automate content affinity categories to improve customer profiles when website events are captured

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