CDP Vendor Selection Criteria

10 Things to Consider

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Learn how to select the CDP vendor that's best for your organization. We explain what you need to ask about everything from the security of your customer data to the AI used to uniquely and accurately segment and target prospects and customers.

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Track people & cookies across all devices

Question: Does CDP track both anonymous visitors and known customers across devices?

Answer: CDP is designed to help you learn from your customer behaviors: from anonymous to known to loyal. Make sure they have web and mobile SDKs to collect event data and support identity-based (email, user names, etc.) and cookie - based (browser cookies, IDFA, etc.) tracking.

All your customer journeys in one place

Question: Does CDP offer flexible and ideally unlimited data retention?

Answer: Customer histories help you understand why your campaigns succeed or fail. CDPs should capture and retain data from many sources, no matter how much you scale up.

Integrate customer data across platforms

Question: Does CDP integrate with all data sources you need to bring together? How about activation tools like email, digital advertising, push notifications, popular apps and dashboards?

Answer: CDPs build Master Audience Profiles (MAP) by bringing together data from multiple sources for easy cross-channel campaign management (CCCM). That's why it's important to ask each vendor if they integrate the apps and marketing automation platforms you already use, or want to use.

Secure & compliant

Question: Which security certifications/attestations does CDP have?

Answer: Your customers trust you with their data and that means security should be a top priority in choosing CDPs. Make sure that they are certified by relevant institutions and implement the latest best practices.

Manage cross-channel campaigns

Question: Do CDPs provide the ability to manage cross-channel campaigns and map them to customer journeys?

Answer: Modern marketers manage cross-device and cross-channel marketing programs. Make sure your CDP has the foundation to support increasingly complex customer journeys.

Reduce or eliminate IT dependence

Question: Does CDP require IT help during the setup, onboarding or maintenance?

Answer: Your IT team has a lot on their plate. Instead of waiting for them to give you access to the data you need, own and act on your data today. CDP should help you own and master all customer data without IT.

Flexible data management

Question: Can CDPs process all data types and formats that you want to unify? Can they handle the most complex analysis and segments you need in your project?

Answer: Customer data can be messy and understanding customer journeys requires advanced techniques. Make sure your CDP is flexible: flexible data unification, segmentation and activation.


Question: Do CDPs have AI/Machine-learning engines, currently or on the roadmap? How flexible/approachable are they?

Answer: Treasure Da Vinci packages the latest AI and machine learning algorithms and brings them to every marketer’s fingertips. Identify your brand advocates at scale and make your recommendations relevant and serendipitous by delivering delightful experiences.

Continued support for customer success

Question: Do they have an onboarding program tailored to your needs? What do they offer beyond the platform?

Answer: Building CDP is a process. New channels and partnerships emerge every month, and the market landscape is constantly evolving. Your CDP vendor should be a trusted companion who helps you succeed in the long term.

Access raw & unfiltered data

Question: Do CDPs offer access to all raw data for all data types without requiring external data warehouses?

Answer: Average and aggregate stats only tell you 10% of the story. To uncover key moments in your customer journeys, you need access to raw, unfiltered data. CDPs must support raw data access through GUI, API or SQL.

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