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Case Studies

Discover how a customer data platform enables data unification, analysis and activation of insights for the enterprise.


Wish transforms online shopping from search-centric to recommendation-powered…

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Shiseido unifies data on experience, demographics, and offline purchases with…

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Subaru puts data in the driver’s seat with Arm Treasure Data.

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Guides & Cheatsheets

Enhance your knowledge of customer data platforms with these guides and cheatsheets.

Arm Treasure Data for Retail

Know and engage your customers across every channel to win more sales and gain deeper loyalty.

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Get off to a fast start with our comprehensive CDP request for proposal (RFP) template.
Starting a CDP project?

Get off to a fast start with our comprehensive CDP request for proposal (RFP) template...

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Arm Treasure Data Support

Helping make your Customer Data Platform deployment a success!

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Whitepapers & Reports

Dive deep into the whys and hows of customer data platforms to gain a competitive advantage.

eTail Germany Report: The Evolution of Personalisation—Creating a Relationship Based on Data

Personalisation is paving the way for the future of marketing. Is your martech...

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Retail TouchPoints Personalization Benchmark Study

Are your personalization efforts keeping up with consumer expectations? Find out in this new benchmark survey report.

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Retail Leadership Study: Retail CX and Data Strategies

Retailers are investing heavily in personalized CX and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). See why...

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Videos & Webinars

Watch on - demand webinars and videos to understand the many advantages of a customer data platform.

Treasure Talks: Identity Resolution with Arm Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Rising customer expectations coupled with fragmented customer data, creates…

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How a Customer Data Platform Achieves Over 800% Marketing ROI

For a deep understanding of the costs, benefits, and risks of deploying a…

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Become a Data Pioneer with Arm Treasure Data

Watch this webinar to see how you can explore and go deep with customer data,…

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Stay Compliant with the GDPR

Understand how to be compliant, leveraging the power of a customer data platform.

GDPR Guide for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a part of almost every marketing stack, so updating Google…

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GDPR Compliance with Treasure Data

Arm Treasure Data has always protected the data we store for our customers to…

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How to Create GDPR Compliant Consent in Web Forms

The single most important requirement for GDPR compliance is obtaining…

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