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Case Studies

Discover how a customer data platform enables data unification, analysis and activation of insights for the enterprise.

Leading Adult Beverages Company

How a global CPG company used Treasure Data to overcome marketing inefficiency

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Leading Online Game Developer

Discover how an online gaming leader boosted ROAS 65% with personalization.

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Athletic Apparel Retailer

Increasing revenue per email by 760%, reducing churn, and growing engagement.

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Guides & Cheatsheets

Enhance your knowledge of customer data platforms with these guides and cheatsheets.

Prevent a data breach with 24/7 data monitoring.

Use audit logs to monitor the health and security of your customer data.

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Protect Customer Privacy While Providing Personalized CXs

Use permissions and controls to protect your customer’s personal data.

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CDP Use Cases for Pharma and Life Sciences

Explore the top CDP use cases for pharma and life sciences companies

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White Papers & Reports

Dive deep into the whys and hows of customer data platforms to gain a competitive advantage.

Food & Beverage Customer Loyalty Report

How food & beverage brands can build loyalty through the use of customer data.

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Securing Customer Trust in the Digital Age

Learn how brands can build consumer trust by focusing on data privacy.

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Advertiser Perceptions: The CDP Value Chain

Gain valuable insights into CDP selection, uses, and growth opportunities.

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Videos & Webinars

Watch on-demand webinars and videos to understand the many advantages of a customer data platform.

Smarter Audience Segmentation with Segment Insights

Easily create segment dashboards within Treasure Data's Audience Studio

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Supercharge Your Pipeline Growth

Boosting Lead Conversion: Asian Paints' Winning Strategy

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Loyalty through Journeys: Unlock Growth

Harness the Power of Customer Journeys for a Sales Boost

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Privacy & Security Compliance

Understand how to be compliant, leveraging the power of a customer data platform.

Building Trust Beyond Compliance

Learn how to streamline your privacy compliance process and build consumer…

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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

GDPR-compliant companies will have additional work to do to prepare for CCPA…

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How to Create GDPR Compliant Consent in Web Forms

The single most important requirement for GDPR compliance is obtaining…

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