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CDP Powers Global Digital Transformation & Data Privacy Administration at Anheuser-Busch InBev

To drink in the full extent of the customer data that helps run Anheuser-Busch InBev—the global leader in beer—can be a heady experience. The company behind such prominent beer brands as Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, Stella Artois, and Beck’s operates in over 50 countries and generates more than $54 billion USD in revenue annually.

These operations rely on more than 2,000 different data sources (Including DMP (data management platform), mobile, social media, data lakes, ecommerce, analytics, customer support and others) and more than 90 million unique customer records — with the Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) to manage it all.

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With Treasure Data CDP at the center of AB InBev’s martech stack, the global leader in beer has saved money, boosted marketing KPIs, and yielded profitable new insights. Results include:


data sources unified, including more than 70 ecommerce sources


unique customer records


countries deployed Treasure Data CDP

The Challenge

When global beverage giant AB InBev first started its digital transformation, the company’s goals were threefold: manage and administer its worldwide data assets securely and in compliance with all applicable laws, break down silos by integrating data from more than 2,000 data sources and platforms, and achieve personalization at scale for all of its markets.

With the multinational nature of AB InBev’s business—along with strict local regulations on both customer data and alcoholic beverages—it was clear that managing AB InBev’s consumer data worldwide required technology that could scale. It was also time to bust data silos company-wide, while still respecting increasingly stiff regulations on data privacy, security, and data export.

Plus, the company wanted to make it easy for its marketers around the world to look at their country dashboards, pull out insights, and respond more quickly. Its leaders wanted to further accelerate its ongoing digital transformation. And, it wanted to understand the rapid shifts in consumer behavior, and market accordingly.

“The ability to manage everything in one single product interface is incredible for us.”


Luiz Gama
Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

The Solution

Treasure Data Enterprise CDP integrated data from more than 2,000 different sources and platforms into unified customer records, eliminating the silos that had hampered marketing in the past. Marketers can now view customer data analytics, set up campaigns, and control everything from a single interface. Smart attributes help with segmentation and predicting customer behavior.

Plus, Treasure Data’s security and data privacy capabilities make compliance easier everywhere AB InBev does business. Now AB InBev can use its CDP to accelerate digital transformation in marketing and beyond.

Siloed data was consolidated into 90 million unique customer data records.

Smart attributes improve segmentation.

New security and administration features ensure the right access and protect privacy and security.

Real-time signaling capabilities help marketers close sales quickly.

Integration of more than 2,000 data sources accelerated digital transformation.

A single, easy-to-use interface for everything from analytics to orchestration gives marketers powerful controls.

“Treasure Data is our center of marketing…our key to how we’ll live in a cookieless world, in an even more digital environment, and still connect with our consumers.”


Luiz Gama
Senior Global Martech Manager, AB InBev

“Before, we weren’t able to connect all our data signals. At AB InBev, we take a global approach to marketing, and we need to ensure that we are not duplicating marketing efforts across our many brands.”


Lucas Borges
Head of Martech for Europe, AB InBev

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