Data Activation

Engage Customers Across Their Journey and Maximize Business Impact

Reach buyers at the right time, improve their experiences for repeat business that grows yours

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Amplify your marketing across every channel

Reach more people in more places and optimize each touchpoint with Treasure Data’s out-of-the-box integrations to the most adopted advertising, email, enterprise management and social systems in the market today. Personalize messages on your website in real-time and push the next best action – offers, promotions and communications – where and when they have the most impact. AI-powered recommendations for the most interesting products, services and content to keep buyers coming back – increasing their lifetime value and growing your bottom line. Provide insights and gain alignment on prospects and customers across your enterprise with tools for reporting and data export to the most widely-used business intelligence systems.

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170+ pre-built connectors

Engage your buyers in the moments that matter

Understanding your customers, their preferences and buying habits is the first step, but the power of Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform is its ability to connect you to buyers through every marketing channel. When you use well-managed and right-sized lists of customers to send a personal email or targeted advertisement you not only reap the rewards of cost-effective marketing, you also get the added benefit of effective campaigns. The type of campaigns that reach the right people at the right time for greater click-throughs, responses, purchases and more.

Treasure Data allows you to push customer lists for efficient, effective messages, recommendations, content, offers and promotions to any advertising or marketing system. It also allows you to pull customer profiles in real-time to personalize web and mobile content for on-the-spot interactions that leave a lasting impression.

Activation Key Features

Simplify the automatic synchronization of customer lists with integration to any system including, CRM, social media, advertising, campaign, email, ecommerce, website and more

A library of 170+ pre-built connectors, including support for REST APIs makes quick work of exporting customer data to different sources

Unique Profiles API for website and advertising personalization that improves conversion

Update customer profile and segment data in real-time to automate personalized content and ads

Integrate with A/B testing tools, such as Adobe Target, Optimizely, Google Optimize and more to measure personalization performance

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Get actionable customer insights for game changing decision making

When customer behaviors and preferences are changing rapidly, customer-facing teams are under pressure to be more agile and efficient. These teams spend months and big money on one-time business intelligence activities, simply to make a plan. And, then they find out they can’t measure it. There’s a more efficient way to gain the customer insights you need to drive day-to-day decisions. Treasure Insights is a full suite of customer analytics that provides full visibility into buyers’ behaviors and the effectiveness of customer engagements. And, the best part, it’s not a stand-alone BI tool. It is fully integrated with Treasure Data for out-of-the-box intelligence and fast time to value for all CDP-enabled customer programs.

Treasure Insights Benefits & Features

Built-in security and SSO support via Treasure Data CDP

Direct access to unified customer data for seamless intelligence and up-to-the-minute decisions support

Access to pre-built data models and immediate visualizations within Treasure Insights

Fully configurable widgets and features to build bespoke dashboards

Out-of-the-box intelligence for lifetime value (CLTV), next best action (NBA), churn prediction and more

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Already using a Business Intelligence tool? Take look at our BI integrations.

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