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Data collection in real time, from anywhere

Use Treasure Data’s enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) to easily integrate your key data systems and collect data from every source in one place. Reduce the need for data cleaning and preparation while you combine behavioral and customer attribute data in a single system, including PoS, IoT, web, SaaS, mobile and offline – in batch and streaming – for multichannel marketing. Leverage your own customer data and enrich it with 2nd- and 3rd-party data to deliver complete, quality customer profiles at scale.

Product Integration Diagaram

Bring together customer data scattered across the enterprise

If you are a marketing department supporting millions of dollars in sales, chances are you have a complex technology stack supporting you. And when customer, prospect and product (IoT) data needs to be analyzed for quick decisions, you want to know that you can get it from one place. Here’s how Treasure Data can collect the data that matters the most for executing on marketing campaigns, lead scoring, personalized advertising, product innovation, support calls and more.

Product Integration Filtration

120+ Pre-build connectors in 15 different software categories

Integrations Benefits & Features

Integrate to any system including, ERPs, social media, advertising, databases, campaign, email, eCommerce, website and all raw data sources like Amazon S3 and more

A library of 120+ pre-built connectors makes quick work of collecting customer data from different sources

Bulk and streaming data ingestion leaves no data behind and improves customer profiles

Privacy-enabled Javascript SDK for website tracking collects 1st-party and 3rd-party event-level data tailored to your data requirements

Data from loyalty, gaming, shopping apps and more with our privacy-enabled Mobile SDK for Android, iOS & Unity

Deep in-app mobile data, instantly accessible for installs, usage, purchases and more

Reduce the time it take to collect data and keep it up to date

Bring together customer data scattered across the enterprise

Stay up-to-date with unlimited, persistent customer data

When any data can be collected, your business and marketing intelligence only grows. Without the need to organize every field or reformat data records, your customer data is translated and imported to Treasure Data with ease. Future-proof your marketing processes with our unique capability to collect and organize streaming data for immediate action. Here’s how Treasure Data can help you leverage of all your data for the long-term:

  • One-of-a-kind data lake technology is the foundation for collecting and storing any type of data – no limits to what you can know about your customer
  • Keep all data as long as you want with a secure cloud-based data lake that takes care of all infrastructure for you
  • Collect streaming data from sensors, on-board computers and controllers to augment customer data
  • Unique data workflows and best practice templates to organize data for immediate marketing use–providing accurate up-to-date customer profile data
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