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How Credit Saison Overcame Its ‘DMP Challenge’ with a CDP

Customer Data Platform Helps Open Up New Business Opportunities

Credit Saison, Co., Ltd., knew unifying its customer data and driving toward digital transformation would give the Japanese credit card company a competitive advantage. In 2016, it began using its own data management platform, called SAISON DMP. Even though it had developed valuable in-house data expertise, Credit Saison eventually decided to use the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) as the basis for current and future fintech development and financial offerings. Find out why in this CDP customer spotlight.

“The ability to implement, analyze, and confirm all marketing programs against the card member ID we use in everyday operations is a great advantage.”

Manabu Yoshida
Head of digital marketing for Credit Saison’s Digital Division

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Treasure Data helps Credit Saison build accurate profiles from many large data sources, including 27 million highly accurate demographic profiles, 5 trillion card usage datapoints, and data from 15 million online memberships. Using Treasure Data resulted in:

Faster segmentation

Reduced campaign segmentation times from a week to one day using Treasure Data Segment Builder

Continuous innovation

Frequent new capabilities and updates—a key reason Credit Saison chose Treasure Data over in-house development

Built-in data privacy and security

A customized, secure environment to meet the requirements of Credit Saison’s fintech initiative

The Challenge

Credit Saison recognized the importance of data-driven marketing and knew a DMP, without personal identifiable information, would not accurately unify data from multiple sources, including its CRM.

The Solution

With Treasure Data, Credit Saison unifies web activity, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), questionnaires, promotions, on-demand media and social media to understand its customers and prospects. Now Credit Saison is able to:

Better understand specific customer issues

Target existing customers with relevant promotions

Improve customer acquisition

“The ability to build marketing profiles based on accurate customer and purchase information that only a credit card company can provide is a major value proposition.”

Manabu Yoshida, head of digital marketing for Credit Saison’s Digital Division

“Before, planning and implementing a marketing program took a lot of time. Thanks to the [Treasure Data] Segment Builder, the lead time has been shortened dramatically.”

Izumi Tanaka, runs marketing programs for Credit Saison using the Treasure Data CDP

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