The power of first-party data

Adult Beverages Company Overcomes Marketing Inefficiency

Harnessing the power of first-party data to deepen customer engagement with personalized touchpoints

A leading CPG company and importer of adult beverages with over 60 brands worldwide had numerous disconnected platforms and tools. The lack of connectivity and data unification across the organization was limiting audience insights and creating fractured views of the customer. The company needed a solution that could help it consolidate multiple data sources and give it insights into audience behavior to improve customer engagement.

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With Treasure Data providing a new foundation for collecting and using first-party data, the company has deepened relationships throughout the customer journey and improved marketing efficiency:


customer profiles unified


data sources ingested and unified


master customer segments developed to aid in targeting

“By increasing the number of touchpoints used for data collection and integrating all sources of consumer data into Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud, the beverage company activated a unified first-party data strategy.”

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Due to the scattered and siloed nature of its customer data, the CPG leader did not have a comprehensive understanding of consumer journeys and had limited insights into its audience. Without meaningful consumer insights, the company was suffering from inefficient marketing, leading to suboptimal customer experiences and lower engagement rates.

The Solution

The Solution

Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud stood out for its capabilities in managing data complexities at scale and developing customized workflows for meaningful customer connections. With Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud as the trusted foundation for collecting and using first-party data, the CPG company can now proactively address an ever-evolving market, respond to shifting consumer behaviors, and meet new competitive challenges.

The Solution

Business Impact

A single, easy-to-use interface for everything from analytics to orchestration gives marketers powerful controls

Whatever we’ve been using for “marketing efficiency

Developed predictive models for enhanced segmentation and improved marketing efficiency.

Something with customers, connections, etc.

Improved customer engagement with personalized touchpoints.

Streamlined ways to derive audience insights.

Continue to grow subscriptions through “always-on” personalization.

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