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Lion Corp. Detects Hidden Demand with CDP Analytics

Predictive Analytics Help Lion Corp. Detect and Satisfy New Millennial and Gen Z Demand
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Lion Corp. is a venerable CPG company whose history dates back to the late 1800s, but it wants to stay on the leading edge in predicting consumer demand—especially from up-and-coming Millennial and Gen Z buyers. Ideally, the company wants to detect “unspoken needs” and tap into hidden demand that customers might not even consciously realize they have. Lion introduced a phosphate-free detergent long before competitors—which became quite popular. Now it wants to attract new customers through innovation in areas of sustainability and other new products that meet emerging needs, such as cleanliness in the time of COVID-19.

Lion Corp. found the predictive analytics, segmentation, and targeting capabilities of Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) an excellent fit with its demand-modeling needs and goal of greater marketing insights into customer lifestyles. Marketing campaigns and new CPG product features designed to appeal to loyal and new customers have won the company awards for innovation and successful, efficient target marketing to new generations.


Successful Marketing Campaigns

2020 PR Gold Award Win for Best Consumer Launch

Understanding and predicting what customers want—and designing new products to match—wins awards and boosts new customer acquisition.

Unified Fragmentary Data for Better Segmentation

Unified Fragmentary Data for Better Segmentation

Lion discovered its customer base divided into thirds based on their behavioral characteristics.

Deeper Understanding of Consumer Preferences

Deeper Understanding of Consumer Preferences

N1 modeling helps marketers visualize consumer lifestyles and detect changes such as cleaning product response to COVID-19.

The Challenge

How do you make existing products relevant and attractive to new generations? And how do you understand your customers’ quickly changing lifestyles well enough to design successful, innovative new products? That’s the challenge Lion Corp. faces as Gen Z and Millennials become the largest target market segments for CPG sales.

Plus, the ad-blocking function of browsers and an aversion to banner ads, which is becoming more prevalent among Millennials and Gen Z, is making it harder to generate significant advertising results. And in the established CPG market, new product development competition among companies has matured, resulting in the commoditization of products and making it more challenging to differentiate them. Finally, shifting attitudes toward cleanliness during the COVID-19 crisis and environmental sustainability can be tough to understand and factor into marketing and new CPG product design.

The Solution

Lion uses a combination of online data such as search keywords and contact media, offline data such as spending trends and purchasing data, and preference data such as demographics, hobbies, and frequent places visited.

The Treasure Data CDP helps to extract and unify fragmented facts such as daily shopping behavior, distinctive living behaviors, and inferred personalities. From there, Lion’s data scientists and marketers imagine the lifestyles and scenarios of people's lives, using the insights they gain in their marketing strategies.

“Being able to visualize user personas and behaviors helps us to come up with a more solid targeting strategy.”

Toru Hiruma, Director of the Digital Communications Development Team at Lion Corporation’s Business Development Center

“The future of communication is not about the amount of reach, but about accurately reaching the target audience, penetrating the message and empathizing with the product concept. We aim to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right target, in the right way.”

Toru Hiruma, Director of the Digital Communications Development Team at Lion Corporation’s Business Development Center

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