How beat Amazon to become the #1 shopping app in the US and top 3 in 30+ countries worldwide

Retail is shifting from brick and mortar to mobile e-commerce and is transforming mobile devices into handheld shopping malls

Mobile shopping is about providing an entertaining experience. Shoppers are browsing, not searching with the intent to buy.

Mobile shoppers do not know the exact brand or item they are looking for. It is up to to figure that out and guide shoppers to their purchases.

9 out of 10 mobile purchases on do not begin with a search query.

How? By providing accurate, personalized feeds and product recommendations. uses customer behavior data and recommendation technology based on analytics to ensure that 95% of products that cross the consumer’s field of vision are relevant.

Optimized algorithms drive Continuous 2x conversion growth YOY

“The more we invest in data to personalize the recommendation experience, the more we see improvement in conversion rates.”

Peter Szulczewski, CEO and Co-Founder of uses Treasure Data as their plug-and-play customer data platform, processing 10 billion events per day:

7% Boost In Sales From 15 Minutes Of Work

Here’s an example of how Treasure Data provided with frictionless analytics to drive revenue growth:

1. More international customers than American customers were reaching the app’s billing page, but not completing their purchases.

2. One hypothesis was that these international shoppers may have been confused by the “Billing Zip/Postal Code” requirement for entering Credit Card information.

3. The team wanted to run an A/B test showing an additional sentence explaining the “Billing Zip/Postal Code” to 50% of international Android users.

4. With a few simple queries through Treasure Data’s API, built their own tag-based A/B testing framework and began monitoring changes in customer behavior.

Result: Mobile purchases completed increased 7% for customers shown the additional explanatory sentence.

Treasure Data allowed to quickly test and validate their hypothesis. With just 15 minutes of work, sales were boosted by 7%.