Wish builds an $8B eCommerce experience

Wish upon a CDP

Wish uses real - time data to build an $8B eCommerce experience

By harnessing data, Wish knows what customers want without a search.
Wish, the “Shopping Mall in Your Pocket,” built one of the most popular mobile shopping apps in the world leveraging Treasure Data’s enterprise customer data platform (CDP). Wish grew into a full web and mobile eCommerce platform with more than 15 million daily active users (DAU) within 18 months. Accurate, personalized recommendations direct 9 out of 10 mobile purchases not having originated with a search query on Wish.com.

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Built the #1 shopping app based on personalized recommendations for 15 million DAU


Optimized algorithms that drive continuous 2X conversion growth YOY


Boosted sales by 7% with the addition of one field and 15 minutes of work


The mobile shopping experience relies much more on browsing – not searching – with the intent to buy. When mobile shoppers don’t know the exact brand or item they’re looking for, it’s up to Wish.com to guide shoppers to their purchases. Analytics showed that Wish customers craved a more personal experience, but the company needed to craft this experience at scale.


Wish.com deployed Treasure Data as their plug-and-play customer data platform, ingesting 17 billion events per day and processing exponentially in the trillions. Wish.com uses customer behavior data and ML-powered recommendation technology based on analytics to ensure that 95% of products that cross the consumer’s field of vision are relevant. That means that the app, and the underlying technology of the enterprise CDP, successfully predict customer needs, offer product recommendations and deliver the right experience.

When many international customers failed to complete purchases, Wish.com used Treasure Data’s machine learning to build a customized A/B testing framework. The addition of one new data field to the billing page increased the number of international mobile purchases completed by 7%.

Treasure Data’s enterprise CDP helped Wish to:

Build a personalized shopping recommendation engine

Unify customer data collected from multiple sources (website, Facebook, mobile app)

Constantly improve the customer experience through A/B testing

“The more we invest in data to personalize the recommendation experience, the more we see improvement in conversion rates.”

Peter Szulczewski, CEO and Co-Founder

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