Data points are like musical notes

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Orchestrate beautiful customer journeys with Treasure Data CDP

With harmonized data, your business can operate like a finely tuned instrument. From integrating millions of data points to orchestrating personalized engagement across channels, Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help.

Making your own symphony requires skilled hands. We’ve curated a collection of resources for data-driven marketers, customer experience leaders, and c-suite executives who want to perfect the performance of customer data within their organizations.

Level Up Your Data Skills with CDP Academy

Treasure Data CDP Academy can take you from data collection to data-driven activation. We created this virtual institute of higher learning for any business leader looking to make better use of customer data. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the foundational layer for collecting, analyzing, and activating customer data. This resource will explain what a CDP is, what it does, how to choose the right one, and how to make the most of it. Feel free to jump to the part that interests you most, or read straight through the entire course.

The State of CDPs: Data Unification, Activation & Compliance

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) promise data integration, customer journey activation, creative personalization, and privacy compliance, but are they delivering real returns? And where is the potential for even greater impact? We partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to explore the current state of CDPs and the experience of enterprise marketers using them.

How to Drive Profitable Customer Experiences in Your Industry

We help customer-facing teams across many industries such as automotive, CPG, retail, technology and publishing. Our CDP streamlines data unification, eliminates complexity, and provides relevant insights to enable unique, personalized customer experiences throughout the purchasing journey.

Questions about CDPs? Ask us!

No one wants to waste time or money investing in the wrong technology. Our CDP experts can help bring clarity to the research process. Get straight answers for all of your CDP questions. Send us your questions, and we’ll answer them within a day.

Forrester Consulting: Calculate Your Potential CDP ROI

Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) ROI calculator helps you see the impact Treasure Data CDP could have on your business. Our CDP helps deliver deep customer insights, better decisions for cross-channel personalization, increased campaign conversion, and greater opportunities to maximize the lifetime value of every customer.

Evaluate Your Organization’s CDP Needs with an RFP

Our comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) template helps you identify your organization’s needs and understand how a new solution will align with your existing processes and systems. This RFP will give you a comprehensive view of any CDP vendor.