The State of CDPs: Data Unification, Activation & Compliance

Are Customer Data Platforms Delivering on Their Big Promises?

New survey asks enterprise marketers about their success with CDPs

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) promise data integration, customer journey activation, creative personalization, and privacy compliance, but are they delivering real returns? And where is the potential for even greater impact?

Treasure Data partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to explore the current state of CDPs and the experience of enterprise marketers using them.

This report includes the key findings from a survey of marketers involved in selecting and using marketing technologies, especially customer-data focused solutions such as a CDP.

You’ll learn:

  • The top CDP use cases and benefits
  • What data marketers integrate into CDPs
  • The impact CDPs have on marketing KPIs and efficiencies
  • Commonly used analytic capabilities
  • And more!

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