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Connect Retail Experiences to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value (CLTV) begins with acquisition and ends with advocacy. Without a full view of the customer lifecycle, it’s impossible to effectively engage customers across their purchasing journey. The result is poor experiences and lost business.

You need a unified view of shoppers and customer analytics to bridge the gap between online experiences and in-store engagements. Treasure Data provides rich shopper insights from physical and digital data, so retailers can make the best decisions to drive loyalty and growth.

Learn how Treasure Data can connect your shopper’s experiences.

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Treasure Data is Trusted by Retailers Worldwide

Retailers use Treasure Data to empower marketers with acquisition, loyalty, and retention programs, as well as store associates with rich customer profiles and recommendations.

“Our new customer data platform built on Treasure Data is fundamentally changing how we communicate with our customers. Blasting emails to everyone who tried samples or bought a particular product won’t lead to customer delight. Detecting a mood swing in each customer and changing the tone of push notifications does.”

Kenji Yoshimoto
Chief analyst for Direct Marketing, Shiseido

Muji uses Treasure Data to Personalize and Grow In-Store Revenue

By unifying 8 million web and mobile events per day and analyzing 3 billion transactions per year, Muji broke through the data complexity. They were able to merge shoppers’ physical and digital experiences to drive some amazing results:

  • 46% increase in in-store revenue
  • 100% increase in coupon redemptions
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Engage shoppers throughout the purchasing journey

Retailers are under immense pressure to provide exceptional customer experiences and distinguish themselves in a highly competitive and ever-changing global marketplace. Today, our phones are handheld shopping malls and social media plays an increasingly important role in driving purchases, collecting feedback, and deepening brand loyalty. In addition, consumer privacy concerns must be your priority above everything else.

Magic happens when all your customer data is accessible to the right stakeholders for immediate action. Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) puts your data investments to work with an open, flexible platform tailored for retailers, so you efficiently maximize shopper intelligence across your organization.

Learn how Treasure Data provides immediate insights and orchestrates buyer journeys with rich shopper profiles for impactful cross-channel engagement.

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Unify Online and In-store Shopper Data for Rich Insights

Discover not only what, where, when, and how shoppers’ buy, but why. Make every touchpoint effective with a rich view of every customer.

Learn how retailers connect physical and digital data and tailor the right customer view for every region, function, and location.

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Personalize Shoppers’ Experiences to Grow Sales

Better targeting requires tailored insights. Enrich your customer views with product preferences, predictive scores, and recommendations to segment audiences precisely.

Find out how Treasure Data helps retailers reach the right buyers at the right time and in the right places.

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Empower Marketers and Sale Associates with Privacy Compliant Shopper Information

Responsibly collect and manage consumers’ data. Reduce your risk of privacy compliance incidents and maintain shoppers’ trust.

Discover how Treasure Data secures customer intelligence, including personally identifiable information (PII) with a broad profile of certifications, audits, and procedures, such as SOC2 Type 2.

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