Personalize User Experience

Deeply understand their needs in order to win–and keep–their loyalty

Activate Omnichannel Automation

Aggregate data from your online and offline assets to drive sales algorithms

Unify Your Organization

Build a 360 degree view of every store and digital marketplace to track trends nationally or globally

Customer Data Platform

Build a Single 360° Customer View so that you can understand your customers’ needs and respond to them, in the moment. Read a case study.

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Diagram Customer Data Platform Shiseido

Diagram Customer Data Platform Shiseido

Diagram Customer Engagement Wish

Recommendation Engine

Optimize the shopping experience by incorporating customer behavior, mobile analytics, and connected data to predict online shopping behavior and suggest the perfect addition to a customer’s shopping cart. See how Wish does this.

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Diagram Customer Engagement Wish Mobile

Omnichannel Customer Targeting

Collect and integrate data from every touchpoint to deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all channels, including email, mobile, social, online and in-store. See how Muji accomplishes this.

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Diagram Omni Channel Muji Mobile

Diagram Omni channel Customer Targeting and Management - Muji



100+ data sources are supported out of the box. Add new data sources on demand with a few clicks. Without engineering support.


Get up and running immediately and scale infinitely so you can focus on managing your business, not your data pipelines.


Fine tune your customer segments, update them dynamically, track and manage the entire customer journey.


Powerful and flexible analysis via SQL with Machine Learning extensions. Full connectivity to BI tools supported via industry standard JDBC/ODBC drivers.


Every company’s data has nuances that point solutions can’t handle. Our flexible analytics engine can express most complex unification logic.


Leverage Treasure Workflow for reusable, modularized automation of complex and parameterized queries.

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