Unite physical and digital customer experiences to improve sales performance

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Retailers are under immense pressure to provide exceptional customer experiences in order to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive, global marketplace.

Today, our phones have become handheld shopping malls and social media plays an increasingly important role in driving purchases, collecting feedback and deepening brand loyalty. And consumer privacy concerns must be your priority above everything else.

Magic happens when all your customer data is collected responsibly, in one place and accessible to the right stakeholders. Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP connects sales and marketing data for a holistic understanding of the customer so you can spot trends, personalize the customer experience and increase sales.

How did a global retailer drive a 46% revenue increase and boost in-store traffic?

  • Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP enabled highly targeted promotions that led to a 100% increase in coupon redemptions and a 46% increase in revenue
  • Ability to combine online browsing data and in-store purchase history at “the speed of eCommerce” to make timely, relevant recommendations

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See what Arm Treasure Data enterprise CDP can do for you

Improve sales performance

Combine helpdesk, CRM, marketing automation, payment platforms, and product for a real-time view of your operations data.

Automate ad hoc analysis

Build a CDP designed to fit your needs and run any analysis you want at any scale without the need for IT assistance.

Real-time segmentation

Gain the ability to hyper-target the 20% of customers who generate 80% of your sales.

Advanced insights

Leverage powerful AI/ML capabilities to gain predictive insights into individuals’ preferences and behaviors.

Delight customers

Deliver personalized offers to customers to build relationships, deepen loyalty and increase revenue.

Ask anything - no limits

Analyze anything; enterprise-grade means you’re no longer limited by scale, storage capacity or data type/access.

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