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“We are a small car company with a global brand. It’s important for us to understand why our customers choose Subaru so that we can continue to meet and exceed their expectations. Treasure Data makes that understanding possible for us.”

Omura Toshiyuki
Manager of Digital Innovation, Subaru

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See how Subaru used Treasure Data to:


Earn $26 million from a single cash-back campaign


Increase conversion rates from 18 percent to 31 percent

Personalize car buying with Treasure Data

The car buying journey is becoming shorter and more competitive, with touchpoints becoming increasingly digital. Consumers are growing weary of the rising cost in vehicle ownership, and their expectations for a new car are skyrocketing. To be competitive in the market, automotive manufacturers need a full view of the car buying journey and the ability to reach and engage auto buyers in the critical moments of consideration.

Treasure Data empowers automotive manufacturers with a rich, unified view of every car buyer. It helps connect the dots between car shoppers and their buying behaviors across all automotive tiers, including regional dealers and local retailers. With full visibility, automakers can pinpoint ideal car buyers, precisely target them, and engage the right buyers at the right time with incentives and offers that create a lasting relationship.

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Maruti Suzuki Cuts Ad Costs, Boosts CTR, and Personalizes CX with Treasure Data CDP


Up to 200% higher CTR on ads using lookalike modeling to target new customers


local dealership websites integrated with Treasure Data CDP


ad costs saved with suppression & hyperlocalization

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.’s brands are iconic in India—one of the largest car markets in the world. Already a leader, the company has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation that puts customers at the center of everything they do. But how do you match each consumer with the right dealership, and ultimately, the best car, service, and add-ons? See how Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps India’s top auto company with customer journey orchestration, personalization, and campaign optimization.

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Treasure Data Enterprise Customer Data Platform for Automotive Manufacturers

Unify car shopping data

Bring together all of your customer data from all of your sources—website, dealership management, customer relationship, digital agency, email—for a view into the attributes and behaviors of every car shopper.

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Know your car buyers

A single view of buyers and their experiences across the car buying journey provides actionable insights. Enrich your intelligence with predictive analytics, affinity analysis, and next best action recommendations.

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Improve buyers’ experiences

Integration with 150+ business intelligence, marketing, and customer-facing systems puts true cross-channel personalization at the fingertips of marketing, service, and support.

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