35 Minute Webinar

Maximize Kafka with Enterprise Fluentd

Consistent, Reliable and Secure Log Management

Originally Recorded Wednesday, September 13th

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Simplify Logging in Kafka with Confluent and Enterprise Fluentd

Enterprise Fluentd is perfect for companies utilizing Kafka that need a way to consistently, reliably and securely send data. Learn how our Kafka connector allows you to stream data from Kafka topics, as well as output data to Kafka topics.

We will cover:

  • How to easily get your network, firewall, application data into Kafka
  • How to send data to Splunk from Kafka
  • Live demo using Kubernetes and Kafka
  • How to use advanced security features from Kafka to Amazon S3 including server side encryption

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Anurag is a Product Manager at Treasure Data driving the development of the unified logging layer, Fluentd Enterprise. Anurag has worked on large data technologies including Azure Log Analytics, and enterprise IT services such as Microsoft System Center.