Treasure Data Catches the Eyes of Ad Tech Market with First Flexible Cloud Data Service

Mountain View, Calif. — Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — Treasure Data, a cloud-based, managed service provider for big data, today announced a new offering empowering advertising technology companies to collect, store and analyze enormous data volumes in near-real-time, without operating a costly infrastructure. With millions of ad events created each second, ad tech companies’ competitive advantage is derived from the ability to analyze granular data quickly, a critical capability in a crowded and growing market. Between 2012 and 2017, investment in online and mobile advertising will grow exponentially, increasing from $36.8 billion to $62.8 billion, according to market research firm eMarketer.

Treasure Data’s cloud-based, managed service has been transformational for publishers, advertisers and marketplaces. It offers fast, easy and cost-effective capabilities for data processing at massive scales. These are delivered in a managed service model, where Treasure Data staff maintains the entire platform, similar to a software-as-a-service. The Treasure Data Service offers integrated data collection, elastically scalable storage and multiple analytic engines. Customers can run scheduled or ad hoc SQL queries on their data, and may easily connect business intelligence or visualization tools. Query results or datasets may be exported anytime for free to a range of other sources, making the service easy to integrate into existing data infrastructures. Customers pay a flat monthly subscription fee for access, based on data storage and processing requirements, with a very low Total Cost Ownership compared to self-managed technologies like NoSQL big data stores, cloud-based architectures, data warehouses or dedicated server farms.

Many growing companies in the ad tech industry already rely on Treasure Data, including:

DashBid, which helps content companies and publishers maximize their video ad revenue, providing a rich data analytics engine and infrastructure based on the Treasure Data Service. DashBid’s supply-side platform (SSP) offers a real-time, auction-based media selling service to optimize revenue from syndicated web and mobile content.

“With Treasure Data handling our data infrastructure, we can focus our engineering resources on optimizing our core platform and developing new features. I love having cost-efficient access to so much of our historical data. We especially appreciate that Treasure Data handles all of the platform maintenance for us, so we can focus on what’s most important to our growing business.” – Jonathan Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, DashBid.

MobFox is the largest mobile advertising platform in Europe and one of the top ten platforms worldwide offering a one-stop mobile advertising platform for both publishers and advertisers. MobFox relies on Treasure Data for aggregating and processing raw event data (e.g. requests, impressions, clicks, etc.) for its real-time reporting solution. Growing quickly, the company delivers over 100 billion impressions per month for clients such as Nike, Heineken, EA, eBay, BMW, Netflix, Expedia and McDonalds.

“The Treasure Data team is very responsive and comprised of top engineers who take good care of running their infrastructure smoothly and dealing with the challenges that the volume of MobFox’s data creates. We especially value how easily Treasure Data can scale its platform according to our needs to help bridge bottleneck situations and the comprehensive API which allows external automation of workloads. “- Julian Zehetmayr, Founder, MobFox.

With increasing pressure to efficiently collect and use information, many ad tech companies differentiate themselves through sophisticated algorithms and data processing models that are improved with more granular data. This is a challenge, as the volume, variety and velocity of available data sources are growing exponentially, demanding capabilities to rapidly process petabytes of web and mobile clickstream, device data, social data, location data, behavior data and much more. Those that can quickly combine and mine this data for better results stand to gain a distinct advantage in a crowded ecosystem.

“Ad tech companies are constantly challenged to collect and use the massive data volumes created rapidly from so many sources today. To stand out amongst competition, Treasure Data customers rely on the scale and efficiency at which our service can collect and process the huge datasets quickly. By offloading data processing to Treasure Data, ad tech companies can focus more resources on developing market-differentiating technologies and features,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data.

Many other ad tech companies rely on the Treasure Data Service, including:
Ad Republic, a leading Search Marketing Agency in Europe; Hakuhodo, the oldest advertising and public relations agency in Japan; and Appier, offering advanced audience targeting and optimization technology, with offices in North America and Asia.

About Treasure Data
Treasure Data was founded in 2011, with the mission of building the first end-to-end managed service in the cloud for scalable data collection, storage and analysis. Since the service launched in 2012, thousands use its free Starter version and its 100+ corporate customers include Toyota, NTT Docomo, Gree, Viki and several Global Fortune 500 companies. In 2014, Gartner selected Treasure Data for the “Cool Vendors in Big Data” report.