Want to improve Facebook Advertising precision? Save thousands of dollars in your ad spend?
Treasure Data’s Facebook Retargeting Solution can do this for you today by excluding active customers from your Custom Audiences.
Why do you want to exclude your active customers? Because they are already your loyal customers, you are wasting your ad money by promoting your products and services to them.
Wait, but doesn’t Facebook already do this? Not exactly. Yes, Facebook knows who visited your page, who signed up and who installed your app. But no, Facebook does not know who your active customers are today. That data is inside your CRM, probably Salesforce.
Our solution combines your Facebook Custom Audience and Salesforce data and optimize your Facebook advertising based on the complete customer journey.
How It Works:

  1. Get your Custom Audience data from Facebook.
  2. Get your active customer list from your CRM (Salesforce).
  3. Take your active customers out of your Facebook Audience and update the list in Facebook.
  4. Set a trigger to do this every time a new customer is added in your CRM.

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