CDP The Natural Progression of DMP

The rise of digital communications has created volumes of data streams which are flooding our internal organisations. Pools of data found throughout our businesses, are autonomously packed with customer insight – from email marketing analytics, to CRM data collection – and beyond.

The truth is, we’re awash with data and software. And, despite the sheer volume of opportunity that this data brings, businesses are now finding themselves in a complex situation whereby the choice of a DMP and/or CDP is dictating their future.

Google’s announcement at the dawn of 2020 set the wheels in motion for the third-party cookie demise, which in turn set critical eyes onto the humble DMP. Is there a need for the DMP in a world without third-party cookies? Is the CDP taking over? Or, can I combine them both in order to safeguard against future challenges?

Silverbullet, the product and services business for the new marketing age, will detail how the DMP is increasingly evolving into the land of the CDP. In partnership with Treasure Data, Simon Theakston, Co-founder at Silverbullet, will explore how we’ve reached this pivotal point, and what’s next on the horizon for businesses wanting to turbo-charge their data-driven marketing efforts.