Find out how gaming companies are using Treasure Data CDP, a best-in-class customer data platform, to better understand customers and create optimized user experiences.

Treasure Data CDP is a central repository where all of your first-party data: website, mobile app, CRM, marketing automation, advertising channel, IoT, POS and other data is unified and made easily accessible. The platform provides a single, reliable source of truth owned by your marketing team and available to all your business units.

Gaming Companies using Treasure Data's CDP

Gaming Companies using Treasure Data CDP for Analytics

Whether it’s raw event level data, log files, game development data, microtransaction / eCommerce records, advertising and payments data or other real-time data, granular level details are seamlessly collected for analysis using Treasure Data CDP. Combined with Treasure Data’s real-time segmentation, game companies can personalize the user experience across platforms, devices and apps.

Treasure Data’s platform is proven to handle major worldwide launches, when data volume can jump orders of magnitude. With Treasure Data’s elastic storage and compute power, companies are enabled to concentrate on analytics and product development without worrying about data infrastructure and management.

Mobile Gaming Giant Drives Digitally Powered Experiences

A decade ago, an entertainment giant embarked on an ambitious plan to become a leader in video games by acquiring studios that would internally produce titles based on their studio properties.

Today, the company is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content across all platforms, including console, handheld, mobile and PC-based gaming. With many successful franchises it is on the list of the world’s largest public video game companies by game revenue.

Mobile Gaming Giant Drives Digitally Powered Experiences

Survios Knocks Virtual Reality Gaming Off the Charts

According to VR game company Survios, whose VR-exclusive game Raw Data became the first VR-exclusive game to reach #1 on Steam’s Global Top Sellers list and the first VR game to make $1 million in a month, VR gaming is about expanding the human experience and unlocking players’ creative potentials through the power of VR.

In order to elevate the player’s journey into something richer, Survios uses data to analyze and optimize the player experience.

Survios knocks Virtual Reality Gaming off the charts

Treasure Data helps game companies to collect server and client data

The complexity of VR data collection is enormous because understanding the interface has a direct effect on gameplay. This requires tracking usage of a game that engages a user’s entire body motion, not a simple controller where, for instance, left-handed people can simply adapt, or where the controller, the action interface, doesn’t actually impact gameplay. With multiple different combinations of hardware specs, understanding what combinations work best is tricky but crucial for improving usability and player experience.

Outpost Games Uses Treasure Data to Build Audiences and Enhance the eSports Experience

The world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming. Also known as eSports, live video gaming takes the form of organized, multiplayer competitions, often between professional players. Just like regular sports fans, eSports fans follow teams, watch matches, attend cup finals and cheer on their favorite players.

The best eSport players must be quick on their fingers. But they must also be top-notch performers. That’s because broadcasting in today’s age of streaming means that games that stream well can pick up huge audiences of players.

By building games with audiences in mind, Outpost Games, an interactive games company, is reshaping how live gaming can be optimized for Millennials and the streaming generation.

Outpost Games builds audiences and transforms the eSports experiences

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