Transform Analytics Into Decision-Making.
Rapidly deliver robust, actionable reports, with the breadth and depth of access and the tools you need to drive decisions.

See beyond aggregated reports.
Run your analysis on granular data, not the data your BI tool thinks you should see.

Never wait on Engineering again.
Manage connections between all the most common data sources and CRMs, yourself.

Data Silo Unification

Centralize your cross-platform data for streamlined processing and powerful correlation. Connect historical and streaming data with just a few clicks and get access to the data in minutes. Provide a single source of truth to decision makers for impactful analysis.

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A/B Testing & Experimentation

Perform sophisticated analysis with direct data access to optimize your entire funnel. Go beyond the limits of canned A/B testing applications with granular data access, rich attribution and the ability to define custom goals that ensure the metrics you optimize are the right ones.

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Anomaly Detection

Defeat bots, protect against fraud, and get early warnings of SaaS problems with a powerful and flexible library of tools for machine learning and workflow automation.

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Growth Analytics

Use first- and third-party data to build predictive models of customer purchasing behavior. Maximize profits by matching the right customer to the right offer.

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100+ data sources are supported out of the box. Add new data sources on demand with a few clicks.


Every company’s data has nuances that point solutions can’t handle. Our flexible analytics engine can express most complex unification logic.


Powerful and flexible analysis via SQL with Machine Learning extensions. Full connectivity to BI tools as well as R and Python for data science needs.


Scaling data infrastructure is a lot of work that you can save by using Treasure Data. Focus on scaling your business, not data pipelines.


Whether it’s an ad hoc analysis or a daily workflow, your analysis results can be shared via email, pushed to internal databases and accessible via full REST API.


We pride ourselves for our great customer success program: dedicated technical onboarding, around the clock support, transparency and thoughtful security policies.

Some of the analysts we empower


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