The world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming. Also known as eSports, live video gaming takes the form of organized, multiplayer competitions, often between professional players. Just like regular sports fans, eSports fans follow teams, watch matches, attend cup finals and cheer on their favorite players.

The best eSports players must be quick on their fingers. But they must also be top-notch performers. That’s because broadcasting in today’s age of streaming means that games that stream well can pick up huge audiences of players.

By building games with audiences in mind, Outpost Games, an interactive games company, is reshaping how live gaming can be optimized for Millennials and the streaming generation.

“There’s an enormous opportunity to transform the entire entertainment industry by creating games that tell great stories, turn players into compelling performers within those stories, and give audiences the opportunity to interact with and influence those performances.”- Wright Bagwell, CEO, Outpost Games

Outpost Games Use Treasure Data

Turning Game Players into Performers

Turning Players Into Performers

Outpost Games is determined to design their games to be as much fun to watch as they are to play. By focusing on PC games, Outpost has an opportunity to explore possibilities beyond mobile gaming's emphasis on building content mainly for consumption.

"We're seeing a lot of games out there where it's all about consuming content, and we felt really strongly about creating games that bring out people's skill and creativity and allowing them to show it to the world."- Sachin Pansuria, Software Architect, Outpost Games

Historically, streaming games were not that compelling to watch. Viewers would see a web camera pointed at someone's face.Outpost’s platform, Hero, allows audience members to deeply interact with their favorite performers and influence key moments in broadcasted matches. Their technology allows viewers to chat and give feedback to players that are directly in the game.

Outpost builds games with a defined story structure and featuring strong competitive and cooperative aspects. Their goal is to create incentives for players to put on an interesting performance together.

By offering audiences more than just traditional player-to-player interaction, like raw fighting, both the traditional/hardcore crowd, and the non-traditional mainstream audience can become part of the eSports experience.

Outpost Game Technology

"We're targeting seasoned gamers, people who have been playing games for a long time and are really excited to show off their skill and creativity… [W]e're building a game that's so compelling to watch that it's actually going to draw in a really large and diverse crowd of spectators, and not just other hardcore gamers."- Wright Bagwell, CEO, Outpost Games

Beating Conventional Game

Beating Conventional Game Acquisition and Monetization Wisdom

Outpost looks beyond traditional marketing wisdom for user acquisition. They believe that focusing on community building is the most effective way to keep their games relevant. An engaged, excited community is key to propelling a game beyond niche success and into blockbuster territory. Fostering a direct dialog with the community makes audiences feel invested. This then incentivizes them to spread the word about the time and the money they’ve spent in the game.

To achieve this, Outpost must design fun, easy to watch games. Only then will large audiences of both hardcore gamers and non-traditional audiences come together to create a massive community of people.

All of this requires a deep understanding of players and the audience, including who they are, why they’re there and what they want to see in Outpost’s games.

A Customer Data Platform for Deep Customer Understanding

In order to avoid falling into the trap of stereotyping the audience, Outpost Games uses customer data and analytics.To capture the massive amount of data they have on users, Outpost Games needed a secure and scalable Customer Data Platform (CDP). They chose Treasure Data as their platform for reliable and secure data collection. With a Treasure Data CDP, Outpost can easily track each and every user interaction from their games.

Treasure Data took on the role of an architect to initially help Outpost set up their data collection ecosystem and infrastructure. The engineering, sales and customer success team worked closely with Outpost to fully understand their data collection and analytics needs and desired outcomes.

CDP for Deep Customer Understanding

Platform event and gaming client event data are now captured seamlessly into Treasure Data’s platform. Raw event level data is collected directly using Treasure Data’s JavaScript SDK. Additionally, log files and other real-time data can be routed using Treasure Data’s Fluentd data collector and streamed in via Splunk forwarders.

Captured data includes granular detail on each user’s activity, interactions and other aspects of their gaming sessions.

Treasure Data’s 100+ pre-built integrations enables Outpost to collect data from various 3rd party sources as well.

Game development data from Unreal Engine and marketplace data from Steam is captured inside Treasure Data, in addition to microtransaction, advertising and payments data and Google Analytics, CRM and demographic information.

Data can then be analyzed and activated in marketing channels, or sent to Tableau for reporting and visualization.

With Treasure Data’s CDP, Outpost can better plan and understand what features to build and which game aspects generate better player performances and a bigger, more engaged audience. Before each product launch, live release and major update, the team uses these insights for better game design and development.

Outpost is also looking to build a predictive system for transforming product building and management. They hope to leverage Treasure Data’s machine learning capabilities, such as Hivemall, to further simplify their operations.

In the near future, Outpost plans to integrate with third party developers. This partnership will allow them to spread their goal for fostering better performances based on a deep understanding of the audience.

Diverse Audiences Success SOS

Keeping Up With Diverse Audiences and Ensuring Success for SOS

Because their community members are so diverse, Outpost Games can’t just focus on audience members who are spending the most. They need to examine the behavior of all their customers, which requires collecting and analyzing a lot of disparate data. And as product launches pick up in success, audiences not only become larger, they also become more diverse.

This outcome is intentional. Outpost builds games that are very intuitive but still very challenging, so that anyone can figure out how the games are played and appreciate the skill and creativity of the players.

With the power of data at its helm, Outpost Games hopes to ensure success and longevity for its new multi-player survival game SOS.

Set inside a fictional reality show, SOS focuses on ad-hoc team building and showcases player’s personalities through voice. The goal of SOS is simple: contestants must find a relic, signal for extraction and escape on a helicopter. The challenge is that there are only 3 seats on the helicopter but 16 contestants.

To survive, contestants need to out-think, out-run and out-fight opponents by using the power and charisma of their own voice and personality. Success is awarded to contestants who create deep bonds with other contestants and the audience.

SOS is designed from the ground up to be as thrilling to watch as it is to play. With this fresh approach, Outpost hopes they can transform and revolutionize the entertainment industry, by transforming gamers into the next generation of great performers and personalities.

Treasure Data has helped Outpost attract larger and more diverse audiences, allowing them to continue to make games that are fundamentally easy and fun to watch. By using Treasure Data, the team can rest assured their analytics platform will be able to keep up with their data volume and diversity as their games continue to rise in popularity.

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“Game developers and publishers will tend to think of their players as this very homogenous group, and that’s not the case at all — especially as games become more popular and you have larger audiences playing them. You have to appeal to a really large set of people who have very diverse ways of engaging with your game.”

– Wright Bagwell, CEO, Outpost Games