Achieve the Greatest ROI from Microsoft Azure

Gain greater insight from your data than ever before by integrating Microsoft Azure and Treasure Data.

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Maximize Your Data’s Potential

Make Azure even more powerful by using Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform to leverage Microsoft Azure’s ever-growing set of resources to store data, create applications, run analytics and more.

Imagine being able to combine data from other platforms (such as Facebook or Salesforce) with the information stored in Microsoft Azure. What kinds of insights would you be able to draw from that combination? You might discover that there’s a new market opportunity waiting for you. Perhaps another customer segment exists that’s just begging to be served. Or maybe you’ll find out that now is indeed the time to launch that new product.

This integration brings you one step closer to having all your cloud, social, mobile and IoT data in one place. Thanks to Treasure Data, you can quickly process large quantities of information so that you can improve your relationships with customers in real time.


Use Cases

All Your Data in One Place
Imagine no more hunting for information. When you integrate Treasure Data with Microsoft Azure, everything is at your fingertips.

Run Cross Channel Analytics
Want to see what your Azure data would look like with your Facebook data? Now you can.

Get Comprehensive Insights
Analyze your data faster and gain insights at the speed of business via Treasure Data’s state-of-the-art analytics capabilities.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

Microsoft Azure + Improved Customer Service

Take steps to improve your relationship with your customers with all of your data right in front of you.

• • •

Microsoft Azure can hold lots of unstructured data, such as social media posts, and Treasure Data can analyze that data seamlessly.

Microsoft Azure + Rapid Analytics

Quit waiting for analytics. They’re ready quickly, so your company can keep operating at top speed.

• • •

When you see a trend in your customer data, you can respond much more quickly and stay competitive and agile.

Microsoft Azure + New Opportunities

Spot exactly when it’s time to seize new opportunities like entering a new market or introducing a new product by examining your data in real-time.

• • •

The information you’ve gathered has immense value. Make the most of it with Treasure Data.

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How it Works



Enable the Microsoft Azure Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Microsoft Azure data beyond what’s possible in Microsoft Azure reporting with a few lines of SQL.
Let Treasure Data’s reporting capabilities give you the deepest view into your data. You can see information at a granular level about customers that helps you improve one-on-one relationships with them.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis and save time. You don’t have to hunt for data anymore. It’s all at your fingertips.

Available Microsoft Azure Data


Any Microsoft Azure standard objects including: account name, account key, container, path, format and header row.


Azure custom objects including: any objects stored in Microsoft Azure.

You're in good company

Treasure Data’s solutions are used by 4 of the 5 largest global tech companies with proven scale in managing more than 200 million events per second. These brands are a few of the happy customers who count on our complete and innovative data solutions to grow their business.

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