Never Pull a CSV Again:

Uncover risk areas and zero in on neglected opportunities without waiting on IT or engineering.

Automate Ad-hoc Reporting: 

Own your sales data pipeline end to end and bring down latency from hours and minutes to seconds.

Get Fresh, Granular Data in Your BI Tool of Choice:

Access "impossible" reports and dashboards with infinite granularity and up-to-the-minute freshness.

Corporate Dashboards

Centralize all data sources and see all your metrics in a single dashboard with infinite granularity and up-to-the-minute freshness. No more mismatched metrics right before important meetings.

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Transparent Sales/Marketing Pipeline

Sustainable, predictable growth begins with transparency across sales and marketing metrics. Have accurate trended funnels at your fingertips to drive growth and avoid premature optimizations.

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Data-Driven Customer Success

It’s 4.5 times more expensive to find a new customer than keep an existing one. Leverage customer data to personalize interactions, build trust and increase lifetime value.

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Cross-Sell and Renewal Management

Your existing customers are the most qualified leads. Deliver the right sales touch at the right time to maximize customer lifetime value.

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100+ data sources are supported out of the box. Add new data sources on demand with a few clicks.


Every company’s data has nuances that point solutions can’t handle. Our flexible analytics engine can express most complex unification logic.


Powerful and flexible analysis via SQL. Full connectivity to BI tools supported via industry standard JDBC/ODBC drivers.


Turn your one-off analysis into an automated process, run then at any frequency you need.


Whether it’s an ad hoc analysis or a daily workflow, your analysis results can be shared via email or integrated into dashboards to drive business processes.


We pride ourselves for our great customer success program: dedicated technical onboarding, around the clock support, transparency and thoughtful security policies.

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