Treasure Data Announces New Vision Beyond Marketing with Launch of ‘CDP for Service’

Shaping the Future of Customer-Centricity, New Solution Powers Exceptional Customer Experiences for the Digital and Privacy-First Era

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. Oct. 12, 2021Treasure Data™, the leading enterprise customer data platform (CDP), today announced the global launch of CDP for Service, the first in a new suite of solutions for applications beyond marketing. Designed to power exceptional customer experiences and build trust in the age of the digital consumer, the new platform unifies privacy-protected data across all customer touchpoints, empowering customer service teams with real-time data and insights needed to personalize and optimize every interaction.

Today’s customer journey is fragmented across multiple touchpoints including apps, websites, in-store visits, emails, text messages, in-product notifications, social posts and support, making customer-centricity harder than ever to achieve. Consumers expect brands to know them, yet siloed customer views across marketing, sales and customer service teams have made the customer experience disjointed and inefficient. Treasure Data’s CDP for Service offering acts as a smart customer data platform for all voice, chat and digital customer service systems, empowering agents with rich and relevant customer data from web and mobile browsing, marketing campaigns, earlier purchases, prior customer service or in-store interactions. With access to the right customer data in real-time, agents can provide better recommendations, reduce time to resolution, prevent churn and increase revenue.

“CDP for Service addresses our clients’ biggest challenges; it makes the integration of key systems and governance of privacy seamless. It liberates teams from the chaos of disconnected systems and silos between customer-brand touchpoints,” said Thomas Kurian, head of new markets at Treasure Data. “The reality of customer experience today is that relying on CRM data—which has limited sources and is often stale—is no longer enough. With this solution, enterprises have access to the comprehensive view of their customers alongside real-time analytics and AI-driven recommendations, while also gaining new insights from channels that traditionally haven’t been considered accessible in these situations, such as real-time browsing signals, mobile app usage, behaviors, preferences, marketing campaigns and earlier offers.”

No matter how complex, Treasure Data can unify data from everywhere to put customers at the center of everything. By connecting data islands, service, marketing and sales teams can speak to the consumer in one continuous conversation, delivering the right message at the right time and in the right tone. Beyond the benefit to customer experiences, agents’ capabilities benefit in a number of ways:

  • AI-driven, real-time agent assist provides individually-tailored and accurate recommendations
  • Reduced overall time to resolution—including first-contact resolution rates—delivers faster, personal and more relevant support
  • A comprehensive, unified customer view across organizational divisions ensures experiences are exceptional over the course of the customer journey
  • Intelligent routing ensures customers are connected to the agent best equipped to handle their request

“Treasure Data’s unified customer view has transformed our customer touchpoints by allowing us to have more contextual interactions,” commented Deepak Bhosale, general manager, systems at Asian Paints. “Beyond digital marketing, we are in the process of leveraging Treasure Data at our contact center to improve the quality of our conversations and help our customers make better choices on Home Decor.”

“The introduction of CDP for Service is a clear signal that CDPs are not just for marketing anymore,” stated Gerry Murray, research director, marketing and sales technology at IDC. “Customers interact with many different functions and systems over time, and their experiences will only be as good as the data infrastructure connecting them. The days of solving for slices of customer context are over, brands must now solve for continuity across them. To do so, customer data must evolve from a departmental asset to an enterprise service that enables every past interaction to enhance every future interaction. Treasure Data’s solution is very well positioned to be an effective enabler of these efforts.”

“CDPs have become crucial in the martech stack in recent years, but an opportunity remains to maximize their full range of benefits in new ways and for teams like customer service and sales,” added Daniel Newman, founding partner and principal analyst of Futurum Research. “Brands need a strong customer data foundation that’s accessible, flexible, reliable, and usable across disciplines to help their business scale while respecting consumer privacy. As an enterprise-grade CDP capable of analyzing complex and diverse data sets, Treasure Data is taking the next logical step in the marketplace to deliver on this need.”

Treasure Data’s CDP for Service is available worldwide and compatible with cloud platforms including Zendesk, Genesys, Salesforce and others.

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