Creator of First-Ever Live Data Management Platform Now Allows Teams to Collect, Transport, and Analyze Data Seamlessly Across Multiple-Vendor Cloud Infrastructures from AWS, Google, Microsoft, and More

Treasure Data, providers of the first Live Data Management platform to make all data connected, current, and easily accessible, today announced the general availability of Treasure Workflow, the first data workflow manager with the ability to seamlessly operate across multi-cloud infrastructures and web services. With Treasure Workflow, enterprises can now collect, transport, and analyze data from business applications and data stores across their organizations. This equips companies to overcome the growing, complex IT challenge of ensuring interoperability and data flow between cloud infrastructures — regardless of vendors. Treasure Data will unveil Treasure Workflow in booth 1818 at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ largest gathering of its global customer and partner community.

Treasure Data’s Live Data Management platform is designed to help businesses collect and unify their most important data, then run self-service analytics to make better business decisions. Now, with Treasure Workflow, users can build and manage repeatable data processing pipelines in their organization. In its beta alone, Treasure Workflow has processed trillions of events from more than 20,000 workflows to help its customers manage their 7 million monthly jobs.

“While we initially built Treasure Workflow to help our customers manage millions of monthly jobs running on our platform, we quickly realized we were onto something much bigger: becoming the industry’s de facto vendor-agnostic workflow engine to help enterprises accomplish their desired moves to multi-cloud infrastructures,” said Kazuki Ota, CTO and co-founder of Treasure Data. “Having a multi-cloud ecosystem makes good business sense but adds to the complexity of accessing data and managing business workflows. Naturally, Treasure Workflow was designed to bridge that gap, and not just ease the pain – but eliminate it altogether.”

For businesses facing that challenge, Treasure Workflow is a cloud-agnostic solution, communicating bi-directionally with cloud services such as Google BigQuery, Google G Suite, Amazon Redshift, and more. This ensures a company’s data is in sync, accessible, and portable between any combination of cloud infrastructure vendors. Treasure Workflow also enables teams to take exploratory analyses or workflow prototypes into full production business processes, at scale, without relying on additional engineering help.

“Thanks to Treasure Workflow, we’ve been able to make our entire data pipeline stable and reliable. We pull data from Salesforce, Zendesk, Elastic, MySQL, MongoDB, consolidate them all without worrying about quality delays, organize our analytic steps, and then send the results to Tableau, Salesforce, and other business & data systems,” said Pierre Bevillard, Head of Business Intelligence at Packlink. “This process has improved drastically, making Treasure Data a core component of our day to day business. By leveraging data across platforms & departments with higher confidence our organization has reached a new level of analytic sophistication.”

More than half of Treasure Data customers already integrate its Live Data Management Platform across multiple cloud providers. So for customers that consider workflow management at scale a priority, but do not want to assume the burden of supporting those integrations themselves – including Subaru, DashBid, Packlink, and others – Treasure Workflow is a trusted, capable solution.

“Enterprises are increasingly looking at multi cloud deployments for a variety of commercial reasons. While compute tasks can be easily moved, data is fast becoming the anchor that can bind an enterprise to a specific provider,” says Fintan Ryan, Industry Analyst at Redmonk. “With their new Treasure Workflow offering, and associated workflow management approach, Treasure Data allow teams to quickly bring multiple disparate data sources together in a modular, consistent, repeatable and expandable manner with minimal effort. Workflows help bridge the gap between developers, data scientists and those that manage data.”

Treasure Data will also open source its core workflow engine, Digdag, to invite other developers to contribute code, templates, and best practices – in an effort to more rapidly address the genuine workflow management needs of the market at large, from those in the trenches every day. This continues Treasure Data’s long-standing commitment to open sourcing core technologies, including both Fluentd, a data collector and universal logging layer and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, and Apache Hivemall, a machine learning library now part of the Apache Software Incubator.

Treasure Data will be speaking a AWS re:Invent on November 29, 2016 at 2:00 pm and will showcase Treasure Workflow and Digdag in booth 1818.

About Treasure Data
Treasure Data is a pioneer of Live Data Management – making all your organization’s data connected, current, and easily accessible to the people and algorithms that drive your business success. With a global customer base including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Pioneer, Subaru, Wish, and Pebble, Treasure Data’s clients generate more than two million events every second and make nearly seven million data queries monthly, resulting in more predictable and profitable business results. Founded in 2011 in Mountain View, California, with offices in Japan and Korea, Treasure Data is backed by Sierra Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, IT-Farm, SBI, INCJ, Bill Tai, and Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, among others. For more information, visit

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