Data Management, Simplified.

Treasure Data is a Customer Data Management platform
that includes over 100 integrations to connect all your
data, machine learning and advanced AI that makes it
easy for anyone to obtain powerful
insights quickly.

Unify All Your Raw Data

Forget about writing custom scripts to hit fragile API endpoints. Now you can pull data from cloud services with a few clicks.

Treasure Data’s easy-to-use SDKs let you collect data from web, mobile and servers in minutes.

You’ll never have to deal with schema management or database scaling again. Treasure Data lets you store and access all your raw data.

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Run Interactive SQL Queries

Run super-fast queries on billions of records. Treasure Data supports standard SQL-92 syntax, so you don’t have to learn another SQL dialect.

Live Reports and Dashboards

Through our JDBC / ODBC connectivity, you can deliver reports and dashboards with your favorite Business Intelligence tools in the market.


Deliver Data to Your Existing Tools

Insight becomes valuable when it’s integrated into your business processes. Send the results of your analysis into CRM, marketing automation, email campaign, databases, BI tools and more. Native connectivity means no custom engineering is required.

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Treasure Data’s REST API makes it easy to POST to or GET data from your company’s cloud data warehouse.

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Apache Hivemall, our award-winning library, lets you apply machine learning at scale.

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Build robust and flexible data pipelines in easy-to-use YAML format.

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Treasure Data ingests more than 2 million new events every second — 100 times more than tweets per second.

Your data is always transferred securely across systems and encrypted at rest in Treasure Data storage. We leverage state of the art security practices across the board.

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Treasure Data’s schema-flexible ingestion means your pipeline won’t break or lose data when a new field appears in your data.

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Treasure Data’s global operations and security team is on duty 24/7/365, freeing you to focus on analytics, not managing systems. Our operational status is always transparent online.

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Treasure Data’s unified console gives you full visibility onto your data, data sources, destinations, jobs, users and usage information.


Treasure Data ingests more than 2 million new events per second, processing tens of petabytes of data every day. You don’t have to worry about scaling your system—we take care of it for you.

Live Data requires rock-solid dependability. Managed 24/7/365, with famously great customer support, you can rest easy with Treasure Data. It Just Works.

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