What is Customer Data Management?

What is Customer Data Management (CDM)? How do customer data platforms (CDPs) help to achieve your customer data management strategy? This article explains.


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Treasure Data Survey Findings Spotlight Path to Ideal Marketing Technology Stack

Treasure Data today released new survey results demonstrating the benefits of an optimized marketing technology stack. Across industries, decision makers from mid-market and enterprise companies expect significant improvement in overall marketing effectiveness, time spent managing and improving data quality, and operational efficiency, as a result of enhancements to the integration and interoperability of various martech solutions.


What Is an Ad Exchange?

An ad exchange is a digital marketplace where buyers and sellers come together and enter into a real-time bidding process to buy and sell ad space. An ad exchange connects to supply side platforms (SSP) on the seller side and demand side platforms (DSP) on the buyer side, along with multiple ad networks. Learn more about ad exchanges here.


Retail Survey: Consumers preferences & plans

Treasure Data conducted this survey to better understand American consumers’ plans, preferences and expectations for the 2021 holiday shopping season.


Treasure Talks: Personalizing the Customer Experience with CDP

Customer data is at the center of delivering a personalized, seamless customer experience. As we transition to the cookie-less world, to realize a truly relevant customer experience brands must own more first party data with a privacy focused approach. Then unify the data to gain a deep understanding the customer and activate personalized engagements. Customer Data Platforms have emerged to meet these needs, and have become one of the fastest growing martech solutions.