Internet of Things

Generate meaningful insights and applications from your IoT devices

Data is growing faster than our ability to consume it, driven in large part by the growing amount of IoT device data. With Treasure Data enterprise CDP, you can flexibly and securely ingest IoT data from any connected device or machine, correlate data from multiple data sources and leverage AI/ML-powered insights to act on custom insights and applications.

Treasure Data enterprise CDP delivers the benefits of digital transformation to fundamentally change how you operate and create value for your customers. It is designed to handle the largest and most complex data sets so you can focus on growing your business without limitations.

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How did a heavy equipment leader use Machine Learning to predict anomalies and identify preventative maintenance?

Treasure Data enterprise CDP
  • Helps Mitsubishi unify 30 billion sensor data events across 3,000 wind turbines every hour
  • Saved millions of dollars using data-driven preventative maintenance for improved performance and efficiencies
Treasure Data enterprise CDP
  • helps Pioneer to decrease operational costs while gaining the ability to manage data.
  • Capability to enlarge pool of business opportunities due to flexibility to collect any data and communicate with external systems
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A multinational maker of digital products needed to reliably collect IoT data from hundreds of thousands of vehicles worldwide in order to develop new products for an emerging market. Pertinent IoT data included systems for telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety and electrical engineering. A flexible, scalable solution was needed to unite a large quantity of different data types that were unrelated at the time of collection and would change regularly.

By deploying Treasure Data enterprise CDP for IoT, this company:

  • Developed new lines of business including a consumption-based auto insurance
  • Improved profitability by using machine learning to identify at-risk drivers
  • Grew scale to 2.5 billion events each month with no additional overhead
  • Gained a flexible IoT infrastructure able to be ported to data centers globally
  • Experienced 25-50x ROI
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A top five consumer wearables company experienced an explosive growth in its product adoption but had limited insight into usage of devices and point of sale IoT data. Intense competition in this market demanded innovation and fast time-to-market of consumer-driven new products, features and sales channels. The data science team needed to not only collect usage data but combine it with third-party retail point of sale, user support and inventory management data in order to deliver the IoT insights required to drive market strategy and product development.

By using Treasure Data enterprise CDP as the core platform for IoT analytics and data science, this company:

  • Created a real-time usage tracking dashboard that reduced time to insight from days to minutes
  • Discovered consumer usage patterns, leading to the development of sleep tracking capabilities
  • Correlated IoT data with point of sale data to identify new marketing and channel opportunities
  • Developed two-way IoT communications to deliver personalized reports and insights to their millions of users
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Industrial IoT

A Forbes Global 2000 heavy industry equipment company saw an opportunity to reduce maintenance costs by leveraging sensor data produced by wind turbines. Unlike modern consumer IoT devices, the wind turbines relied on a legacy system to transport sensor data to external systems, requiring a data management platform with robust, secure data collection and streaming support.

By using Treasure Data enterprise CDP as the core platform for IoT analytics and data science, this company:

  • Experienced scale and speed to collect and unify 30 billion sensor data events across 3,000 wind turbines on an hourly basis
  • Saved millions of dollars in maintenance by analyzing data with advanced machine learning techniques to predict anomalies and identify preventative maintenance for improved performance
  • Gained the flexibility to proactively monitor the health of the turbines with granularity using their preferred dashboard tools
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See what Treasure Data enterprise CDP can do for you

Unify all your data

Link vast amounts of IoT data to gain unprecedented insights for a distinct competitive advantage.

Smarter decisions

Impact real-time decision making by communicating the right IoT data to the right systems and people.

Analyze more, faster

Use advanced AI/ML techniques to analyze data on a massive scale for predictive/proactive capabilities.

Trusted and secure

Secure your IoT end-to-end data pipeline with encryption at rest and in motion; control permissions and access to data.

Infinite scalability

Analyze anything; enterprise-grade means you’re no longer limited by scale, storage capacity or data type/access.

IoT expertise

Our professional services team can help connect your IoT data from any data source to any output destination.

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