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Global Life Sciences Leader Revitalizes Customer Engagement

Engaging With Customers in the Right Way, at the Right Time, With the Right Content

The pharmaceutical products division of a global leader in the life sciences industry needed to improve the performance of cost-effective digital channels like email and website. To achieve this goal, they deployed Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud. With the ability to create unified customer profiles, the company was able to segment, personalize, and optimize the timing of email customer communications, resulting in 36% re-engagement rates and a 22% increase in email open rates.

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By deploying Treasure Data to unify all customer data and integrate with marketing automation and recommendation engine technologies, the company saw strong results:


increase in email re-engagement rates


personalized topic recommendations provided to 2K sales reps


healthcare professionals engaged by sales reps

“Sales rep emails which included personalized topic recommendations achieved an average open rate of 36% in contrast to a 3% average open rate of headquarter emails.”

The Challenge

To optimize incremental revenue, the life science company’s sales reps needed to have personalized email and web marketing customer communications. But the company’s existing systems were costly, inflexible, and had capacity limitations. They lacked standardized capabilities around data-enabled marketing automation and activation, as well as enterprise-level data security and compliance.

The Solution

The company realized they needed a customer data platform (CDP) that could provide data unification and ID resolution to enable a 360-degree customer profile. Treasure Data Customer Data Cloud enabled the company to create a unified database of all healthcare professionals’ data with the appropriate security in place.

Boosted marketing ROI by improving the performance of cost-effective digital channels like email and website.

Optimized engagement by orchestrating a scalable model to push out topic recommendations to sales reps.

Maintained accurate privacy preferences and secured PII data.

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