Scaling ad insights with CDP magic

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Scaling insights with the magic of a CDP solution

Faster, more flexible and more cost effective than an in-house platform.
Dentsu, one of the top five global advertising agencies, leverages their deep analytics expertise to deliver data-informed services to their 11,000+ clients worldwide. The amount of data Dentsu accumulates on a specific campaign is huge: 10 terabytes, 100 terabytes or even a petabyte for a single campaign.

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The Results

In less than 1 month, centralized hundreds of customer data sets

From months to weeks for customized client instance


Dentsu first built their data management platform in-house taking more than a year, hard work and substantial expense to complete. Each client needed a highly customized version of Dentsu’s platform, blending contextual and psychographic data with the client’s own success metrics to create the best algorithms. This meant that each new account required months of custom integration work to collect data from the customer’s POS, CRM, production databases and more. And each new instance required engineering resources to maintain it.


Using Treasure Data’s (customer database platform) CDP, Dentsu’s data scientists could blend data from multiple sources and create advanced analytical workflows on the fly without any resources from IT. Instead of building custom connectors for an ever-increasing variety of data sources, Dentsu used Treasure Data’s plug-and-play integrations to set up new data feeds in minutes.

In under a month, they centralized hundreds of customer datasets in Treasure Data’s flexible, scalable cloud.

The implementation time for each new customization dropped from months to weeks.

In addition, the Treasure Data enterprise CDP scales well and provides better performance than the original in-house system.

With the addition of  Treasure Data, Dentsu is now a one-stop customer insight portal where all of its clients can discover consumer trends, launch highly targeted campaigns and intelligently nurture leads. By removing the obstacles between data and results, Treasure Data has exponentially increased Dentsu’s ability to deliver cutting-edge technology to its global brands.

“Had I heard of Treasure Data earlier, I would have built our entire system on it.”

Shigeki Yamasaki, Chief Analyst, Dentsu

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