Treasure Data Demonstrates Fluentd Integration with Docker Platform as Part of New Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program for Logging: Fluentd, the unified logging layer, is now supported with Docker 1.8

December 15, 2015, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. — Treasure Data, the inventor of Fluentd, today announced that it has been recognized by Docker as an Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) for logging. This designation indicates that Treasure Data has contributed a Fluentd logging driver to the Docker Engine enabling the seamless capture of container log data into Fluentd.  This capability is available to all Docker users and organizations that seek a log management solution for their Dockerized distributed applications.

“We are happy to announce our new relationship with Treasure Data to support Fluentd as a native logging driver for Docker,” said Scott Johnston, SVP of Product Management at Docker. ““Fluentd provides Docker users with a flexible and performant way to collect and route log data from containers.”

Fluentd is a leading open source, data collector tool used by thousands of companies to collect data from their connected devices including syslog, web logs and more. With 300+ plugins to many data sources and data outputs, Fluentd is engineered to be simple, yet flexible to meet most data analysis needs.

Docker’s ETP program recognizes ecosystem partners that have demonstrated integration with the Docker platform. As part of the program, Docker will highlight a capability area within the application lifecycle, validate integration and communicate the availability of the partner’s solution to the community and the market. The goal of the program is to ensure that organizations offering logging tools have been working with Docker to ensure highest degree of availability and performance of distributed applications. Partners included in this program have proven integration with the Docker platform and have demonstrated that their solution is able to record logging data for dockerized applications.

“Through our Fluentd logging driver for Docker, we are excited to simplify data collection for the entire Docker community,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO of Treasure Data. “We look forward to working with Docker in providing robust production application environments.”

Utilizing the Fluentd logging driver in Docker, numerous use cases are now enabled out of the box including:

  • Archiving logs into S3
  • Sending logs to Elasticsearch
  • Sending logs to data processing backends
  • Streaming logs into monitoring services
  • And many more…

Fluentd is available at for download at Additional support for Fluentd can be found at

About Treasure Data

Treasure Data is an analytics infrastructure-as-a-service provider that collects event data from dispersed sources, stores it at scale, and refines and transforms it to help businesses leverage their data to make smart decisions. Treasure Data’s global customer base includes Pebble, Pioneer and Yahoo! Japan, among others. Collectively, the companies send more than a million events every second to Treasure Data and ask nearly two million questions against them every month to inform smarter business decisions. Founded in 2011, Treasure Data is a private company backed by investors, including Sierra Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, IT Farm, Bill Tai, and Jerry Yang, among others. To learn more, visit
About Fluentd
Fluentd is an open source data collector, invented and sponsored by Treasure Data, that lets each customer unify the collection and consumption of its data for a better use and understanding. Fluentd was founded by Sadayuki “Sada” Furuhashi in 2011, who is also a co-founder of Treasure Data, Inc. Since its release, the Fluentd project has grown dramatically with dozens of contributors, hundreds of community-contributed plugins, thousands of users, and trillions of events collected, filtered and stored.