Japanese electronics giant Pioneer selects Silicon Valley cloud innovator Treasure Data to enable new automotive industry services based on telematics data

Tokyo, Japan and Mountain View, Calif., Sept 4, 2014— Japan-based Pioneer and Mountain View, Calif.-based Treasure Data today announced a business alliance to develop services for the global automobile industry, leveraging big data generated by telematics, such as data from vehicle electronics sensors. This continues Pioneer’s emphasis on cloud-based big data solutions and developing more products based on huge volumes of automobile-related data. Treasure Data was selected as its technology partner because of its global experience and unique managed cloud service for collecting, storing and analyzing massive volumes of sensor data, logs and other big data.

“We are pleased to work together with Treasure Data to build a platform for providing new telematics services. In the automotive industry, with the expected era of the ‘connected-car,’ market needs will constantly change and expand, which will lead to larger business opportunities. There will be social needs to improve driving safety, and needs for high-quality, post-sales services to improve customer satisfaction. Treasure Data’s accumulated knowledge, technology and agility will contribute a lot to our business development,” said Takashige Nakano, Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of Car Electronics Business Management Group, Pioneer.

Using the Treasure Data Cloud Service, Pioneer will release new data and analytics-based services for automobile manufacturers and related businesses, including dealers, repair shops, insurance and rental car companies. The new capabilities will enable consumer-friendly products and enhancements, such as more proactive service alerts. Working together, Pioneer and Treasure Data will drive new research and modernization in effective use of automotive telematics data. A longtime leader in telematics innovation, Pioneer has been an early leader in data-driven development. It released “Smart Loop” in 2006, one of the first navigation services based on automotive telematics and big data analytics. In 2013, Pioneer started its Mobile Telematics Center, a cloud infrastructure for automobiles, which provides cloud-based navigation services, as well as advanced traffic updates, by analyzing an enormous amount of information collected through car electronics and smart phones.

Treasure Data is proud to be selected to support Pioneer’s vision, with its cloud service for massive data processing that is 100%managed, monitored and supported by its team of skilled data experts.

“We are pleased to support Pioneer’s impressive work in automotive telematics. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to focus on data-driven innovation, while we take care of the complexities of collecting and analyzing data in the cloud,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO, Treasure Data.

The Treasure Data Cloud Service makes it easy for companies to collect, store and analyze huge volumes of sensor data, logs and other big data in real-time. This combination of massive cloud data processing capabilities and expert management allows companies like Pioneer to focus on research and product development, rather than running a complex infrastructure. The Treasure Data Cloud Service has thousands of free users and over 100 corporate customers across the United States, Asia and Europe.
About Pioneer
Introducing the world‘s first component car stereo in 1975 and the world’s first GPS car navigation system for consumer market in 1990, Pioneer has always offered products at the forefront of the times. Pioneer‘s car audio and car navigation products, which incorporate the latest technology and unique ideas, are renowned for their functionality and ease of use, and are the first choice for many customers. Pioneer is also providing services based on cloud platform and client applications, which make customers’ car life more fun and comfortable. Furthermore, with the diversification of businesses in automotive industry, Pioneer is working on platform development and on creating comprehensive telematics services for automobile manufacturers and related industry to support their needs.

About Treasure Data
Treasure Data was founded in 2011, with the mission of building the first cloud service for massive-scale data collection, storage and analysis. The managed cloud service is 100%maintained, monitored and supported by Treasure Data staff, similar to a software-as-a-service. Since the service launched in 2012, thousands use its free Starter version and its 100+ corporate customers include Pioneer, MUJI, NTT Docomo, MobFox, GREE and several Global Fortune 500 companies. In 2014, Gartner selected Treasure Data for the “Cool Vendors in Big Data” report. Learn more or try for free at TreasureData.com.