Turn Your Mongodb Data into Insights

Treasure Data helps you do more with Domo.

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database. The database stores documents in JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON), an open, human and machine readable standard format. Unlike a traditional database that stores rows and columns, MongoDB uses JSON documents for storage.

Domo provides business intelligence, data visualization, dashboards and reporting all together. Founded in Utah by one of the same people who started web analytics firm Omniture, the company started in 2010. Positioned as a business intelligence (BI) platform, they deliver a service that enables business managers to stay on top of key metrics in real time.

other select integrations
other select integrations

Rich Integrations

Data is most useful when shared among teams and functions. That is why Treasure Data integrates dozens of data sources, databases, SaaS services like Salesforce and Marketo, and more. We are adding a new integration every week, making it easier for businesses to collaborate around data.

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Scalable & Fully Managed

Is your analytics solution becoming too expensive? Is it slowing down and delaying your reports? Treasure Data is built to scale: Today, we collect 1,000,000 events per second to help hundreds of companies answer 2 million questions a month. We are here to grow with your business.

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sql ready

Direct SQL Access

Most analytics tools limit how you can view your data, which makes them great for beginners but not so great for ad hoc analysis. Treasure Data gives you direct SQL access to all your raw data without any engineering cost. Handle ad hoc analysis faster and automate your reporting on a single platform.

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You're in good company

Treasure Data’s Partner Program is committed to collaborating with best in class companies to drive the implementation of complete, innovative and efficient data solutions.

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