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Gartner Quote Rating
Industry   Manufacturing
Firm Size   10B-30B USD

They Delivered Good Value For Our Needs and Allowed Us to Focus on Our Business

-Data Scientist, Manufacturing Industry

“Good: Many data sources are supported. Good user interface. A lot of flexibility so long as you have SQL skills. I can perform ad hoc analysis in a timely manner. Good platform performance and very helpful technical support…”

Gartner Quote Rating

Industry   Education

Firm Size   250M – 500M USD

Comprehensive Data Analytics Platform Coming With Excellent Customer Supports

-R&D/Product Development, Education Industry

“When our analysts have questions about the product, they contact the support of Treasure Data. Their support is always responsive and provides excellent support for us.”

Gartner Quote Rating

Industry   Transportation

Firm Size   <50M USD

Taking our BI/Analytics platform to the next level with Treasure Data!

-Manager, FP&A in the Transportation Industry

“We chose Treasure Data because it was the best solution on the market to meet the BI/Analytics needs of our organization. Our primary BI/Analytics needs were 1) easy to implement API/Connectors to other business systems (Google Analytics, Salesforce, JIRA, Netsuite, Zendesk, etc.). 2) an analytical database with columnar storage capabilities to process our largest jobs and 3) a SQL based platform capable of scheduling and managing all of our jobs without the need to hire a team of data engineers.“

Gartner Quote Rating

Industry   Services

Firm Size   250M – 500M USD

TD Allows Us To Get Insights Quicker, More Holistically, And With Reduced Time To Value.

-Product Analytics Manager, Services Industry

“I am an incredible fan of the Treasure Data customer service. This has a huge impact on our time to value of the product as we are able to quickly chat and unblock questions with regards to using the tool. This is a huge differentiator vs. other systems which require emails that take hours to respond significantly impacting business value.“

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