Data Science and SQL Tools

You don’t need a data science degree to use Treasure Data enterprise CDP and create a centralized, always-on source of data in one clean, SQL-compatible format. But data scientists at some of the world’s best-known companies appreciate Treasure Data’s ability to analyze events and customer data with the powerful Treasure Data SQL-based platform. You’ll get some of the best data science technology on the planet to transform customer data, customize queries, build data sets, leverage SQL, and target customers as real-time events happen. Additionally, you can use multi-touch attribution models to tell what worked and what didn’t. And your team will appreciate Treasure Data CDP for the speed of new development and the huge capacity to handle unstructured data and on-the-fly changes in database design, data flow, data science best practices, and business needs. Plus, you’ll get the extraordinary ability to unify data and automatically handle integration with the following data sources and software: