Achieve Analytics Nirvana With Mixpanel

Bring in Mixpanel website and app data, integrate with other data and use the full power of SQL to uncover new opportunities.

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Import data from Mixpanel

View all of your Mixpanel web, mobile, app and other analytics in one place. This analytics data connector allows you to create an instant connection to import all of your historical records. There are three main use cases for setting up the Mixpanel Data Connector from Treasure Data. One, if your business is moving away from Mixpanel, or two, just wants to access the data with industry standard SQL or three, blend the data with other data sources.

Treasure Data makes big data analytics easy to set up with Mixpanel integration. We enable any employee to quickly and easily explore business data. Our Customer Data Platform also integrates from over a hundred different sources. This integration empowers your team to perform more complex queries and ask even more nuanced questions than are possible on Mixpanel alone. When you bring together all of your cloud, social, mobile and IoT data in one platform amazing things happen. We are enabling companies globally to process massive quantities of data, unlock insights, use integrated machine learning and drive their business like never before.


Use Cases

Business Operations
Analyze your sales pipeline in a single, centralized dashboard by combining your Mixpanel data with all other customer data.

Eliminate Data Silos
A single source of truth for prospect and customer data is the foundation for more sophisticated analysis.

Easy Business Intelligence
Easily export data to the business intelligence tools you need, including Chartio, Looker and more.

Integrate and Enrich Your Data


Mixpanel + Data Export

The Mixpanel Data Connector makes it easy for your team to either backup or migrate to a new platform.

• • •

Breaking up and moving on has never been this easy.

Mixpanel + Backups

As easy as backing up your hard drive and at cloud-scale, your product analytics information is safe, secure and ready for integration with other tools.

• • •

With a single point of failure in your data pipeline, business can go sideways without a backup.

Mixpanel + Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is built in so you can perform advanced analysis including regression, classification, recommendation and more.

• • •

Don’t get stuck solving today’s problems with yesterday’s tools.

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How it Works



Enable Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Mixpanel data beyond what’s possible in Mixpanel reporting with a few lines of SQL. Use visualization tools like Tableau  or your BI tool of choice.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Mixpanel Analytics Data


Salesforce Standard Objects: Any Salesforce Standard Objects, including: Account, Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Task.


Salesforce Custom Objects: Including: Contracts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc., Standard Objects with Custom Fields, Custom Objects with Custom Fields and more.

You're in good company

Treasure Data’s solutions are used by 4 of the 5 largest global tech companies with proven scale in managing more than 200 million events per second. These brands are a few of the happy customers who count on our complete and innovative data solutions to grow their business.

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