Harness More from Google Analytics

Automatically receive and interpret Google Analytics visitor reports in an integrated, customizable platform to reveal audience insights in real-time.

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Import data from Google Analytics

Automatically download analytical reports into query-ready data using a powerful, centralized platform. The Google Analytics Data Connector allows you to collect Google Analytics data in the background and then efficiently store and query this data at your convenience. Treasure Data makes it a simpler proposition not only to understand your Google Analytics data, but also to marry it to your other data analytics to make decision-making and insight-development easier. A well-documented and simplified integration process, an intuitive configuration template and comprehensive data analytics tools such as customizable SQL queries make all this possible. How is this possible? Simply use the Google Analytics API to enable analytic data synching between Treasure Data and Google and your data will get imported.

When you add in table joins and machine learning, any employee to can now discover new trends and uncover new insights at the customer level. Since personally identifiable information such as email can’t be used on Google Analytics, Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform is the tool of choice for forward thinking marketers.

By enabling your marketers to know what your web audience is doing via a single, unified view in the Treasure Data platform, you can quickly adapt marketing strategies, redefine or correct page designs, change keywords and influence the user experience on your website – all in real-time and without the need to hunt through multiple reports and windows. Developers can use the insights gained to create more responsive, attractive webpages faster. This allows for improved, proactive customer service.


Use Cases

Automatic Reporting
Use automatic querying and report retrieval with an easy-to-use config file and scheduling system.

Customizable SQL queries, table joins on the fly and integrations with other data sources combine for the perfect solution.

Easy Integration
A friendly template system, well-documented integration system and top-quality customer support make it easy to get started.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

Google Analytics + Social Media

Access social media traffic and keyword analytics to maximize your social strategy. Respond rapidly to breaking trends, improving customer experience at every turn.

• • •

Free your data from the Google Analytics silo via the Analytic API, enabling your team to drive more personalized campaigns than previously possible.

Google Analytics + Attribution

Create meaningful, targeted campaigns based on deep customer insights and what your ROI increase.

• • •

Understand and master your ad revenue with a single view.

Google Analytics + Content Creation

Capture actionable keywords in a simplified searchable view for easy content creation.

• • •

Let your non-technical staff quickly gather essential search information to optimize your SEO website content.

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How it Works



Enable Google Analytics Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Google Analytics data beyond what’s possible in Google Analytic reporting with a few lines of SQL. Use the business intelligence tool you choose to take control of your analytical workflow and learn more about your users’ preferences and behaviors.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Google Analytics Data


Available Google Analytics Objects:  Google Analytics’ reports on repeat visitation, audience location, bounce rate, social media flow, organic search keywords, most visited page on website and other website analytics data types.


Google Analytics Extra Features Features Include: Custom reports from Google Analytics’ on any reportable website visitors’ demographics that, when integrated inside Treasure Data, enable powerful lifetime value reporting and more.

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