Boost your data-driven ROI with AppsFlyer

Leverage the interoperability between AppsFlyer and Treasure Data to learn more from your raw mobile data.

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Capture, analyze and quantify your data

Connect the mobile attribution and analytics captured in AppsFlyer and your favorite processing and visualization tools with Treasure Data’s customer data platform. Capture attribution across all campaigns, and then push raw data to the Treasure Data hub. Slice and dice mobile data for increased audience engagement. Real-time ROI includes the ability to analyze historical raw user engagement data to implement a more effective ad spend. Connect mobile analytics, SQL database, payment and more with real business intelligence tools.

Machine learning facilitates faster analysis of all the data when you need it most. Analyze marketing data more quickly with our full integration with the tools you need to learn, do and be more. Gain actionable insight into what’s working – and what’s not. Analyze mobile campaign data in virtual real-time and shift campaign messaging to improve outcomes on the fly.


Use Cases

Measure and Analyze of Raw Event Data
Analyze your mobile event data in a single, centralized dashboard by integrating AppsFlyer with all your other customer data.

Achieve Direct SQL Access
Quantify your data any way you like with direct SQL access for ad hoc analysis.

APIs for Easy Integration
With APIs that allow pushback to Treasure Data, optimize analytics by using whatever data visualization tool you want.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

AppsFlyer + Better Integration

Access a centralized data portal that offers your team API integration between all your favorite data tools.

• • •

Interoperability enables a more unified approach, combining insight with action and yielding real ROI for your business.

AppsFlyer + Faster Knowledge

Harness the power of mobile consumer opinion by leveraging raw data in new ways.

• • •

Use robust machine learning integration to slice and dice data faster than ever before.

AppsFlyer + Actionable Insight

Aggregate user experience data faster to make more sense for your campaign.

• • •

Enable a more agile mobile campaign with deeper, faster insights into your mobile raw data.

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How it Works



Enable Appsflyer Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your AppsFlyer data beyond what’s possible in Appsflyer reporting with a few lines of SQL. Use Treasure Data to unify your analysis of mobile campaign data so that your data keeps working – even when you aren’t.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Appsflyer Data


Any Appsflyer data including: Click through, referrer, view-through, media sources, time ranges and more.


Appsflyer custom objects including: Configurable attribution windows for any campaign.

You're in good company

Treasure Data’s solutions are used by 4 of the 5 largest global tech companies with proven scale in managing more than 200 million events per second. These brands are a few of the happy customers who count on our complete and innovative data solutions to grow their business.

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