Integrated Stripe Payment Data

Bring in Stripe data to calculate Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) trends, average revenue per user (ARPU), churn trends and more.

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Bring in Data from Stripe

Combine Stripe data with your analytics and advertising data like Mixpanel and Google Analytics to calculate average revenue per active user (ARPAU), payback period, customer lifetime value (CLTV) and other key ecommerce and SaaS metrics. Treasure Data makes big data analytics easy to set up with simple Stripe integration. We enable any employee to quickly and easily explore business data, uncover new insights, make smarter decisions and understand the implications of the data to take immediate action.

By bringing together all of your cloud, social, mobile and IoT data in one platform, we are enabling companies globally to process massive quantities of data, unlock insights and build smarter, more personalized communications. When you deliver meaningful content and engage one-to-one with customers proactively in real time, amazing things happen for your business.


Use Cases

Cost Per Acquisition Can be Misleading

For many subscription businesses, customer lifetime value (CLTV) is more important than Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA). Combine your Facebook Ads data with Stripe data to optimize your ad spend for CLTV and grow faster.

Use Data Instead of Arguing About Pricing

Pricing is a key driver for growth and critical to get it right. Instead of going by “gut” or letting sales and marketing argue, look at data. Find out which plan has the highest rate of growth and the least churn.

Optimize Discounts to Grow Revenue

How much should you discount for which customer? By combining Stripe MRR data and discount data, you can optimize your discount strategy and amplify customer referral and retention.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

Stripe Payments + Facebook Advertising

Combined Facebook Ads with Stripe to measure end-to-end ROI: See the correlation between your Facebook ad spend and subscription growth.

• • •

See end-to-end ROI of Facebook Ads by tracking customer lifetime value on Stripe.

Stripe Subscription Analytics Upgraded

Analyze subscription trends by pricing plan, geography, company size, industry vertical and any other parameter available in Stripe or your CRM.

• • •

CRM and payment should be unified for consistent reporting and analytics.

Stripe + Intercom

Combine Facebook Ads with mobile and web data: Figure out which campaign sources the most engaged users.

• • •

Combine Stripe Discounts data and Intercom user data to see who power users are, who respond well to discounts to generate referrals.

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How it Works



Enable Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Stripe data beyond what’s possible in Stripe reporting with a few lines of SQL. Use visualization tools like Tableau, Chartio, Looker or your BI tool of choice.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Stripe Payment Data


Stripe Objects: Accounts, Application_Fees, Balance_History, Charges, Coupons, Customers, Disputes and Events.


Other Stripe Objects Including: File_Uploads, Invoice_Items, Invoices, Orders, Plans, Products, Refunds, Subscriptions and Transfers.

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