Facebook Ads Data Connector

Bring in Facebook Ads reports, identify key trends, blend with other data sources and export a custom audience to further improve ROI.

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Import Data from Facebook Advertising, Export Custom Audience

Facebook Ads supports conversions such as sign-ups, installs and store visits, but they leave much to be desired for subscription businesses. For subscription businesses, customer insight and customer lifetime value is realized “post-conversion”: renewals, cross-promotions, referrals and other customer interactions and more. By bringing in in-app customer behavior data and CRM data together in Treasure Data, you can finally calculate the true ROI of each Facebook Ads campaign and create profitable Custom Audiences based on end-to-end insights.

Compare Facebook Ads performance across campaigns and accounts: Have you tried to compare campaign performances across campaigns? How about across multiple accounts? Get a consolidated view of all campaigns and ad sets across all accounts in one place.


Use Cases

Conversion path analysis
By combining your Facebook Ads data with your user click stream data, you can see and optimize the full customer journey for all acquisition. Then, export custom audiences back to Facebook for even better ROI.

Customer Lifetime Value ROI
Optimize your ad spend based on customer lifetime value (CLTV), not a single "conversion" that could have been spam. By combining your Facebook Ads data with your CRM data, you can calculate the lifetime ROI of each ad campaign.

Compare Trends across Campaigns
By bringing your ad performance data into Treasure Data, you can perform advanced analysis based on behavior, demographics and other data points in your CRM or other data sources and more.

Integrate and Monetize Your Data


Facebook Ads + Stripe

Combined Facebook Ads with Stripe to measure end-to-end ROI: See the correlation between your Facebook ad spend and subscription growth.

• • •

See end-to-end ROI of Facebook Ads by tracking customer lifetime value on Stripe

Facebook Advertising Data + Performance

Get a consolidated view of all Facebook ad campaigns and ad sets across all accounts in one place. Integrate with website activity for data driven insights.

• • •

Automate the process of collecting performance data across accounts.

Facebook Ads + Mobile Data

Combine Facebook Ads with mobile data: Figure out which campaign sources the most engaged users, slice and dice the data by device type and more.

• • •

Curious about paid conversion paths? You can finally see them and optimize for better ROAS.

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How it Works



Enable Facebook.com Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your Facebook advertising data beyond what’s possible in Facebook Analytics or Google Analytics with a few lines of SQL. Easily use visualization tools like Tableau, Chartio, Looker or your BI tool of choice.

How it Works



Use Treasure Workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Facebook Advertising Data


Available Facebook Ads Insight (reporting) data: Any Facebook Advertising data: Ads, Multiple Ads, Ad Sets, Campaigns and Accounts.

Available Facebook Ads Metadata: Including: Creative URLs, Headlines, Descriptions and any other “edge” objects.


About Exporting Custom Audiences:  Example fields include: External ID, Email Address, Gender and more. Field names must match the Facebook schema. See here for details in the Treasure Data Custom Audience documentation.

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