Dig deeper into your DoubleClick data

Increase your marketing effectiveness by combining data storage and analytics to improve audience insight with DoubleClick and Treasure Data’s data connector.

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Unleash Google insight with deep dive analytics

Enable integration of sophisticated marketing algorithms housed in an AI cloud platform with the ad data captured by Google. Now you can access extensive data captured from disparate platforms. You can dive deeper, into customer behaviors. Transfer the data from Google’s ad servers, warehouse it in the Treasure Data cloud, and then use DoubleClick to analyze it.

Use that insight to create cross-platform marketing campaigns designed to drive action. Then, monitor the response activity via a uniquely sophisticated dashboard. The end result is the ability to design campaigns that reach consumers on any digital device.

Systematically eliminate questions about consumer behavior and enable your marketing team to advance in predicting consumer behavior. You can have interoperability between tools and real time deep dive insight when you partner DoubleClick with Treasure Data.


Use Cases

Improve attribution modeling
Track attribution on any digital device and then benchmark against paid search campaigns with cross-device measurement.

Enhance audience insight
Integrate all data sources for better insight into your customers’ behavior and preferences, and then connect with specific market segments without being limited by media segmentation or distribution channel.

Improve reach and frequency
Simplify and extend media planning, buying, and reporting via an analytics dashboard that tracks activity in real time.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

DoubleClick + Better Data Management

Download Google ad data by segment, and then use Treasure Date to manipulate and organize data sets.

• • •

Identify consumer patterns of behavior by tracking and analyzing cross-platform behavior by individual.

DoubleClick + Real Time Insight

Track activity as it happens while monitoring ad campaign outcomes from a central hub.

• • •

Increased insight leads to better advertising strategies. You can improve your marketing campaigns, obtaining higher amounts of click-throughs and conversion from your clients.

DoubleClick + Customer Connections

Coordinate all your data in the Treasure Data hub, then add Google ad data for even better insight through DoubleClick.

• • •

Analyzing consumer data points over extended periods of time and across multiple platforms helps you to understand and build relationships with your customers.

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How it Works



Enable the DoubleClick for Advertisers Data Connector with a simple, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Analyze your DoubleClick data beyond what you can do with just DoubleClick reporting with Treasure Data and a few lines of SQL. Treasure Data takes data from Google Ads, legacy platforms, and organizes the data into manageable data sets that are suitable for DoubleClick queries and analysis.

How it Works



Use Treasure workflow to automate your analysis, save time, and minimize errors. No more trying to pull together a report from disparate, anecdotal data.

Available DoubleClick Data


Any DoubleClick data including: downloads, cross-device conversions, revenues, usage, demographics and more.


DoubleClick custom objects including: configurable attribution windows for any campaign.

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