Data-rich, collaborative work in Google Drive

Make data-driven decisions by joining databases, business analytics and a collaborative document warehouse using Google Drive with Treasure Data.

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Share data in a self-service hub

Access all your corporate data from one centralized customer data platform, and then incorporate supporting trends and statistics directly into your document.

With Google Drive acting as a centralized warehouse for your enterprise documents and Treasure Data acting as the hub for accessing every form of data your business acquires, you get true business empowerment.
Free your IT team from pulling data metrics and instead query Treasure Data. Treasure Data will search all data points while you’re in a document within Google Drive. Each team member contributing to business documents can provide analytical data in support of actions and proposals.

Your data has been democratized and the process of using data in corporate documents suddenly makes more sense. Invite collaboration by sharing data and documents with a variety of corporate stakeholders. This isn’t just for the marketing department. Treasure Data’s easy to use interface makes these cloud services accessible and enables everyone to reap the benefits of actionable data insight.


Use Cases

Consolidate data in one place
Turn data silos into integrated insight by accessing documents on any digital device, increasing the accuracy of your trend and response assessments.

Empower the average business user
Self-service makes sense when data is accessible. Now any stakeholder can access data insight and share it with other collaborators.

Collaborate and share data
Write queries in Treasure Data that pull information directly from a holistic customer database and into a collaborative document.

Combine and Monetize Your Data

Google Drive + Data Accessibility

Use Treasure Data to open a data portal, then enable others to access the portal from a stored document.

• • •

Anyone you authorize can query your databases and then add trends and insights into a big picture document to inform your business strategy.

Google Drive + Expand and Collaborate

Analyze data across multiple databases, from customer purchase patterns to market demographics, and roll the data directly into a report.

• • •

Share documents, inviting others to collaborate, using any digital device in real time. Version control isn’t a problem anymore.

Google Drive + Better IT Utilization

Queries can be written by any Treasure Data user, freeing up your technology team.

• • •

Faster data access is possible when collaborative teams are empowered with do-it-yourself capability. No more waiting on IT.

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How it Works



Enable the Google Drive Enterprise Data Connector with a straightforward, 3 minute setup.


Unify and Analyze

Extend Google Drive reporting analytical abilities with a few lines of Treasure Data SQL. Access and share data via Google Drive in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document that will allow others to directly comment and edit in real time.

How it Works



Use Treasure workflow to automate your analysis, save time and minimize errors. No more Excel work on Sunday before the Monday team meeting.

Available Google Drive Data


Any Google Drive data including: files, documents and collaborators.


Google Drive Other Data Available: Data stored in Google Drive, Sheets, Docs and others available via API.

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